Picmix It!

There are a lot of picture editing applications around. Most famous of which is Instagram only available to iPhone and Android users.

For BlackBerry users how ever, there are a number. But my money is on Picmix! I came across this app via BB App World and said “why not give it a try?”. So I did! And here are the pictures that Picmix-ed:


disturbing: brightness and contrast experiment

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these pictures were taken around august 2011 if i remember correctly during those days when i was bored and tinkering with Bookie’s webcam settings. i tweaked the brightness and contrast ,hence the title of this post.

i am no expert when it comes to pictures but i think these look good. yes, it sounds biased since i am the subject of these photos but, i have to love my own right?

admittedly, almost all the pictures are somewhat disturbing in my opinion which makes you want to look at it.

i posted this in my facebook page already but did not get much feedback on it. so, let me know what you think ok?