Turublien Long Beach Inn and Beach Bar: An Awesome Spot in the Longest Beach in the Philippines

If you find yourself looking for an accommodation if you are at Long Beach, San Vicente, Palawan, go to Turublien Long Beach Inn and Beach Bar.


This was my predicament when I arrived in San Vicente, Palawan, in search of the longest stretch of beach in the country : Accommodation!


You all know how hassle it can be if you have no roof over your head when the night falls. Well thank you to the man above and to Filipino hospitality, I was able to find myself not just a roof over my head but also an awesome time with fellow tourists at Turublient Long Beach Inn and Beach Bar.


Now if you would like to visit and stay at them, you can follow the following directions from Puerto Princesa:


1.       From your hotel in Puerto Princesa, you can ride a tricycle to SAN JOSE BUS TERMINAL or ride a multicab (kinda like small jeepneys made for Asian people, it has small legrooms) with the signage NEW MARKET. Tricycle fares are from PHP 60-70 and can seat up to 4 depending you’re your backpacks/ luggages. Multicab fares are at PHP 15 and please take note that the multicabs are only available at 7:00 am onwards.


2.       In San Jose Bus Terminal, you have 2 options:

a.       Via Bus – this will take about 4 to 5 hours travel time in a non-air conditioned bus.  Bus fare is about PHP 200-250. Was not able to get the departure schedule for the buses though.


This was not in my options since I know for provincial buses takes time to pick-up passengers. And it can be pretty cramped as there are instances that you can be sitting next to a cow, a pig or chickens or a sack of vegetables. I am adventurous but I don’t speak cow, pig or chicken. Am not Dr. Dolittle of Ace Ventura! LOL


b.       Via Shuttle Van – this will take about 3 to 4 hours on a 16 seater air conditioned van that will cost you PHP 300/ person. 1st trip leaves at 6:00 am IF, let me repeat it, IF there is ample passengers. But it can extend up to about 30 minutes to wait for more passengers. I personally recommend Savior or Akkoh Shuttle Services.


3.       Once you arrive at San Vicente Town Proper, hire the following:

a.       Habal-habal – this is a single motorbike that can accommodate one or two passenger depending on their back pack. Each trip cost PHP 50.00

b.       Tricycle – can carry about 2 to 4 passengers and cost about PHP 150.00 per way.


Turublien Long Beach Inn and Beach Bar is a brain child of Alex Baaco who welcomed me as arrived at his resort. We had pleasantries and he toured me around the property.


Turublien Long Beach Inn and Beach Bar is one of the only three resorts allowed to have beach front facilities for the entire stretch of Long Beach. Upon arrival, you will be dropped off the beach front part of the resort. You’ll find a hut that serves as the information center, a common area for guests that has free coffee/ tea, the common kitchen with a gas range and eating utensils. Connected to the hut is the common he and she rest rooms that can be used when you are on the beach area. To the main hut’s left are sitting areas and hammock areas where you can just chill. To the main hut’s right are 10 cottages that you can rent for a day trip. And all around that, is pristine beach. The beach front of is maintained by the staff but the rest of the beach is as raw as it can get. Just how I like it.


Now you might be wondering where are the actual accommodation? Well, it is just across the river from the back of the main hut. You can ask to be ferried to and from the staff but a boat which they pull through the water. How cool is that?!


The accommodation area boasts 10 rooms that can accommodate 2 to 5 pax in a room. Some are air conditioned others are fan rooms. Each room has its own comfort room which was rather small but it would suffice. The linens are clean and they provide a bath towel per guest with toiletries. Which is really not bad in my opinion. Rates are as follows:


Fan Room for 2 pax – PHP 600/ night

Fan Room for 3 to 4 pax – PHP 800/ night

AC Room for 2 pax – PHP 1200/ night

AC Room for 3 to 4 pax – PHP 1500/ night


Now you might have concerns of how frequent can the staff accommodate ferrying people to and from the beach front and the accommodations right? Well, they try to accommodate as much as they can but believe me, you wouldn’t want to be in your room with a beach like what they have there. I swear!



Here are the reasons why you should stay here:


1.       You will be supporting an Agutaynen Tribe member

Agutaynen, a local tribe of Palawan are the first inhabitants of Long Beach. The stretch was previously owned by them but now, most of the lands are owned by celebrities, foreigners and government officials.

Alex, the hands-on owners is part of the Agutaynen Tribe. So staying him would support a local entrepreneur from Palawan


Turublien if you are wondering means “heritage” as Alex inherited the land from his mother.


2.       You will be relaxed.

I’ve been to different off the beaten path places but this is most “off the beaten path” destination as it can get. On my entire stay there, apart from the guests and the staff, I have only seen about a handful of people. And you have the entire beach to share. If you wanted to be alone, you could. If you want to mingle, you could. You can attempt to walk the entire length of the You will feel the laid back feel as soon as you get there. The beach is shallow with normally calm waves that you can enjoy. 


3.       You can eat good food

Apart from managing the entire place, Alex also cooks! He serve up local cuisine and grilled seafood. If ever you visit, ask for the following dishes either for lunch:

                                       i.            Kibaw – PHP 120/ order which can feed 2 pax. It’s kinda like a ceviche dish but instead of using fish, they use clams. It’s good!

                                     ii.            Adobo – PHP 150/ order which can feed 2 pax. It’s pork in vinegar and soy sauce. It is really good! And Alex’s adobo is special!


If you also like grilled tuna or any other seafood, just let Alex know before-hand so that can prep it up for you


4.       You will get the extra mile service from the staff

Alex and Tita are the dynamic duo that runs Turublien and are working non-stop to make their guests stay as awesome as it can get. Really a tough job since they are just two but somehow these dynamic duo pull them off every day. The other guests that I have been with at the resort, told me that they visited for a few days and then left for El Nido or Puerto Princesa, but decided to return back to Turublien just because they enjoyed Alex’s and Tita’s company. That speaks a lot!


So if you are planning to spend your holiday in Palawan, visit Turublien Long Beach Inn and Beach Bar, you can contact and book rooms through these contacts:


Email address:          turublienlongbeach@yahoo.com

Contact Numbers:   +63 910 569 7887/ +63 908 821 6652

Contact Person:       Alex Baaco a.k.a. Jamaica (ask him why, LOL)

Address:                    Pinagmangalucan (Bucana), New Agutaya, San Vicente Philippines, 5309

Facebook:                 https://www.facebook.com/turublien/


For online bookings, you check out Turublient Long Beach Inn and Beach Bar:





Overall, Turublien Long Beach Inn and Beach Bar is an awesome place to stay in Long Beach, San Vicente, Palawan! It is basically a beach-front, laid back, awesome hostel where you can just chill and relax in. Like the other guests, I too look forward to return and stay longer in that small spot along the longest stretch of beach in the Philippines!




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