Please help me find this guy, Tho

I should come up with better titles for my blog posts right?

Thailand is one of the countries that is in my bucket list (that is ever growing might i add) and it being about 6 hours away by land from Siem Reap plus 9 days of approved vacation , i just had to go!

After spending two days in the Siem Reap I decided to travel to Bangkok by bus. Fortunately, the hostel I stayed in was able to book me a seat in the direct bus to Bangkok (i will post another entry separately) that leaves Siem Reap at 8 am.

I arrived in Bangkok at around 7pm because of heavy traffic! The traffic was almost like what we have in Manila. The only good thing was I was comfy inside the bus. Plus it was the Loi Krathong festival

Now, a tip for travelers, don’t go to Thailand without Thai Baht in your wallet like I did. Yeah yeah, silly me wanting to travel to Bangkok with USD in my pocket. Must have been too excited to go and just thought that there would be 24 hrs money changers in the bus station. There were no money changer but there were banks which were unfortunately closed. TOINKS! So there i was in the bus terminal in a foreign country with no legal tender and i have to get to my hostel! imagine the PANIC!

As Tim Gunn would say, “make it work!”, i just tried to talk to locals and ask then if they can at least give me a ride to Khampang Phet MRT station fortunately a motorcycle driver agreed agreed but i had to pay them USD 2 which was really expensive for me but i had no choice. At Khampang Phet station, there are still no money changers so i tried to talk again to locals and ask them to give me BHT 30 in exchange of my USD 1 (conversion is normally at BHT 32 for a dollar). After talking to the 3rd person, I was feeling a bit desperate already. Finally, somebody saw me talking to the guard haggling. He approached us and asked what was the problem. I told him my predicament and he said ok and told me to follow him. He went to the ticket booth purchased his ticket and gave me TBH 30. And when i was about to give my dollar, he said that i should keep it. I had to insist but he still refused.

At this point, I realized that there are still good people out there in the world contrary to what we perceive it to be. I honestly felt blessed. Imagine being on your own in a country where you know no one and you will find a stranger who are just willing to help you. And if it would have not been awkward, I would have hugged and kissed him right there and then <wink wink> just to show my gratitude. So he said goodluck to me and went inside the train station.

I looked at the fare and found out that I only needed TBH 25 to get me to Suthisan. I just thought I’ll keep the TBH 5 coin as remembrance of the guy who helped me out. So I purchased the ticket or rather the tap-up coin and went inside the train station again.

Fortunately, the guy was still there and I approached him and thanked him again. He mentioned that his name was Tho and he worked around the area and is taking the trains two stations forward to get home. He was 31 years old and can speak a little English. He asked me where I was from and I told him from the Philippines and he mentioned that he thought I was Chinese (I had to laugh a little bit there because I was so dark from traveling to be considered Chinese). I told him that I was my first time in Bangkok and I was travelling solo for the first time. Again I insisted to give him my dollar but he again refused saying that it was his help to me with a very heart-warming smile that can melt me.

I still wanted to ask him some questions but the train arrived. And we both got in. I was supposed to stand next to him but it was a bit cramped and he might have had enough of my inquisitiveness and would like to take a rest already. So distanced myself and decided to stand by the door although I was trying to glance at him from time to time and he would be looking at me also (OK, ok.. He is definitely my kind of knight in shining armor!). Two stations forward, I glanced at him again and he was smiling and waving me good bye. I said good bye back before he exited the train. I was just looking at his sort of buffed body with tattoo on the back side of his arm as he blended in to the crowd of commuters. Then I panicked a bit because I have neglected to ask for his Facebook or email address that I can contact him with (FACE-PALM motion!). Must have slipped out of my mind since I on panic mode earlier and was not mentally present to think properly because this dreamy knight in shining armor (with tattoos) just rescued me from having to spend the night on God knows where.

Since I do not have Tho’s contact number and am not actually sure if I got his name correctly, I am writing this post on my blog to search for him. I just want to repay his kindness by sending him over some of my knitted stuff. It would be my way of thanking him.

So if you do know this guy, Tho or if you are from Bangkok, please share this blog post among your friends and help me find him. I just want to extend my thanks again to him. If you do know him, please comment on this post so that I can coordinate with you.

I really appreciate it already


Mascardo Boys

InstagramCapture_cb64f388-5c95-4bd8-badc-1df19a701a08[1]January 2012. i have gained my quasi independence! yey me! and i am finally am renting.

nope, i am not that rich to get a place by myself. well, yet, that is. so i ended up joing two of my friends from college. we knew each other since our third year and we have been co officers in our college’s student council for two years and have been friends ever since. and despite pursuing diffent careers, we’ve kept in touch.

they were already rooming for two months before i came in after discovering that their place was walking distance from a previous employment. i asked themif i can join in and they said yes! there was the matter of convincing my folks but i eventually got their approval after a lengthy discussion might i add. i moved in January of 2012.

we called ourselves the mascardo boys after the street of our rented place although they were the boys and i was otherwise.

the 1st few days consisted of adjusting to each other. who would wake up first to take a bath. who would do the chores what time they’d arrive and what time we all would turn for the night. since they already had a double deck, i had to bring my matress and set it up every night which was ok by me.

i actually tookthe reaponsibility if cleaning. well youknow how boys are: unless it is really dirty or if there would be guests coming over, that’s the only tine to clean. i was more than willing to do the cleaning and tidying up. i even bought an apron to feel the part (LOL). then if the schedule permits, we would wait up for each other and have dinner together.

it was like were a family looking out foreach other and sometimes it would seem like i was in a relationship with them. yeah, a good brotherly one at that.

it was awesome!

it went one for almost 2 years for me and a full two years for them.

alas, as they say, all good things must come to an end. two months ago, we decided to give up the place due to some changes in life and career.

i am sad in all honesty. it feels like in breaking up with this two people whom i’ve had an amazing run with for almost two years. call me clingy but in reality, it is what i feel right now.

but instead of being sad about it, i’d rather share how happy i was to room with them as well as the things that i would miss about them. here are the list:

1. Ma-Ling nights
what the heck is Ma-Ling you might ask? it is chinese luncheon meat best fried to a crisp and enjoyed with rice and ketchup plus soup. this was one of our bonding nights. i would normally cook it, somebody would buy rice and somebody would do the dishes after we’ve eaten. we used to do this every week but due to changes in work, we haven’t done it in a while

2. Movie nights
this would normally coincide with ma-ling nights. so we have this contraption what allows us to watch movies on the tv so long as the file is saved in a USB. we’d watch one or two movies sometimes during midweek and sleep late. the genre normally is horror, suspense or action

3. Biglaang Dine-out
when ever we find ourselves together and have cravings, we would satisfy it by eating out. it could be as simple as twister fries, jolly spaghetti, savory tapsilog or awesome burgers, we’d do it. provided if we had budget that is.

4. Talking ’til when ever
this is what i’ll miss the most. all the talking about future plans, what happened in the past, what’s happening at work, the cartoons we uaed to watch, some funny memes we cames across on facebook, what’s in the news. well i think it already establishes what type of relationship we had. sometimes we’d forget the time and realize that it’s two in the morning then we would turn in for the night or rather the morning

5. The Best in ______
we had this thing about awarding what we are best at. no rewards just the title. we still have an on going battle for the best in workaholic (im not in the running for this) but normally grab the best in science and best in conyo all the time. LOL

6. Playing hookie/ staying at the dorm
we only did the hookie thing on our 1st year. there was a sudden attack of tamaditis and we just thought to skip work and just hit the mall. we had to choose one far from makati where we all worked that time. it was good. though there were also a couple of times we were stuck in the dorm during typhoons. so we spent those days either sleepibg, talking or staying at a nearby mall.

7. Let’s VOLT IN
no, we are not robots that converge to form a bigger robot to save the world. but, when somebody needs help in work, we would putour heads together and help each other out. three heads are better than one right? where it is a marketing plan or an promotional essay, you name it, we can do it.

admittedly coming home after work was something to look forward too. need less to say, we were stress buster for each other.

but again, the reality is kicking in.

before getting to the dorm was a delight. it was like my space that was i share with two other guys despite the clutter of all the stuff. now, it’s tidier. some items are already packed for pick up. not like what it was before.

i honestly cried a bit when i noticed it. it really feels like i’m breaking up with two people whom i was with for a two year fun filled smooth ride to somewhere that didn’t matter because of all the fun that we were having.

things will never be the same

to the mascardo boys, you know who you are. I WILL MISS YOU by this MMMMMMUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHH! i understand that this has to happen and i’ll come into terms with myself in time. we’ve gotten to know each other better in those two years. i wish you all the best in everything.

i love you guys, seriously

Lenten Reflections: A Perfect Family

Every family has it own glitches but it should never hinder you to call it PERFECT…

This is what I came up with during this Lenten holidays. How I came to that utter that statement was a bit of a long story to tell.

I came from a middle class family in a small home with my parents and two siblings (one older and another younger) plus our youngest’ daughter, my niece. We live in this small house in Las Pinas but thanks to the efforts of my parents, it became bigger. We also have our aunt who lives with us to help out in the house. Oh yeah, we have a border also.

My parents are around 60 yrs old now. My mom worked as a teller in a provincial bank when she met my father who was a liaison officer at that time. Then as if like magic, they decided to marry and had us. My mom shifted work to a placement agency in Manila but eventually left her post when she had my youngest sister and put up her own business. She used to supply different university bookstores with an assortment of hair accessories which she resells with the entire family’s help. She eventually stopped the business too because of the lack of time. My father gave up his first job and entered salesmanship for a Danish industrial products. He stayed there for quite a while but had to go abroad to work as an OFW still in sales as our educations was getting more pricer He spent 8 years there working his ass off. They all did what they can do to provide us with the only thing that they can leave as inheritance: a proper education. And I LOVE them for that.

My older brother is a registered Physical Therapist but decided to join the academe as a lecturer in one of his field’s top review centers. He would get lecturing engagement all across the country and he also sidelines as a instructor for body jam. My younger sister is a graduate of psychology and is now working in a bank. She had her daughter one semester shy of graduating but she still finished and she is her fiance is about to get married this year. I am definitely PROUD of them.

As for me, I’m currently employed in a travel network after sort of throwing away my 5 year career in IT distribution in case of my dream to travel the world. I am the first one to leave the coop and sort of live semi-independently already after a long discussion with my parents. And  all I can say is that I am HAPPY.

Now how did I come up with that statement you may ask? Well, I can’t tell you exactly as I choose not the be an open book. All I can say, every family have their own glitches. Whether it be financial stuff or not being able to live up to your parents expectations or unwanted pregnancies or personal issues with other people who live in your house, or lack of out look in life or infidelity or attitude problems or frustrations in your current life situation or comparing your own family to what others have or continuance of family lineage or upholding family honor and so on and so forth (I swear the list is definitely a long one! It may never end).  What ever it is, it can be solved or at the least ironed out with the help of everybody.

My family doesn’t have all the issues that I enumerated. We have our fair share of issues believe me. From what I have observed with my family, we don’t have a knack of connecting with each other. Messages will have to be passed from one person to another before it reaches the correct ear. We do have a problem with communication. We also have a stubborn bones in our bodies in which we have stick with what we want to do individually. I don’t know if it is hereditary or something but everyone of us have that. Maybe that is our core. We do sometimes give way but with our raising our voices at some point in the discussion.

It may look bad because of that glitch but cest la vie. We have to work around it.

Despite this fact, our family comes together in times of need. When my mother had to undergo an operation, everyone was all hand on deck doing the best they can to help out. Or when my grand parents died, we were all together. Or when we were faced with an early pregnancy issue, that was the time we all sat down as a family and decided to act like one. My family maybe foreign to issues  or rather, my parents knows how to handle it well. And now that we, my siblings and I have firm beliefs, preferences, principles and as we grow maturely, issues are becoming more evident. But WE are a family when the occasion call for it. We set aside differences, point of views and beliefs. I guess there are really moments that defines us. And that to me, is what is important.

I guess my point is we may not have the luxury of selecting our families but that will should never stop us in making the most of what we have. We should all remember that the family is the basic unit of society and it have a BIG effect on who and what we are now. And whether one comes from dysfunctional or rigid or close-knit or traditional or liberal or what ever kind of family, one should never forget about one’s beginning. Your family should be an anchor that you can use to pull yourself up from deep sh*t or pull yourself down when you are up high.

I made this realizations during this Lenten staycation and wanted to share these thoughts to anyone who would bother.

I am proud to say that my family is PERFECT.