flipfloppin traveler

flip floppin’ traveler








i’m yani and i am the flip floppin’ traveler!

and i write about where life and my flip flops have taken me.

i’ve been blogging since December 2010 under the pen name quiti2x. (check out my former blog: http://quiti2xspeaks.blogspot.com) this alias if you may, came from a elementary or highschool nickname that i was called. it originated from my surname. they just made it more catchy now in my opinion but back then, i used to be irritated about this nickname. now, i just love it! pronounced as “kiti” plus the “2x” makes it almost like a mosquito larva in Tagalog. and just to be clear: I have no affinity with mosquito larvae what so ever.

Why flip floppin’ traveler you might ask? i own a pair of red flip flops that is my choice of footwear whenever i travel. now traveling, that is what i want my life to be: to travel the world from one city to another and writing about it or doing a show about it. the writing bit, is doable hence this blog. the show bit, is a think a bit far out but still possible. well, because i travel with my flip flops always. Some travels have been for vacations, others for business (i’m in sales). But my trusty flip flops are always with me. I want to stick to this tradition, if you may, all through out my travels. I’ve been to certain parts of the Philippines, where I’m from and to SG and KL. For now, that is. MY list of places to travel has grown A LOT from when I started to identify target locations. And I am sure, the list will grow longer as time goes by and as my wallet allow me.

What is this blog about??

This is about me. My life, my experiences, my thoughts, my comments, my aches, my concerns, my travels, my dishes, and many more “my” that you can think of.

I hope you have fun reading as i share myself to you.



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