Weekend Warrior-ing 101

Weekend warrior


A person doing a particular activity (such as sport) only on the weekends.


This term nowadays often refers to traveling during the weekends. Cramming all the things that you can do in just one day or one and a half, travel included.


I know my fellow corporate slaves (all hail us slaves!) are resorting to being weekend warriors to somehow find a reprieve from their day to day routines of wake-up, eat, commute, work, eat, work, commute, eat, sleep. Though weekends can be spent at home chilling, sleeping and just breathing. I agree to this. But if you just do the same things during weekends, then it too can become a routine. Then it would be a nice idea to head somewhere for just a change of scenery. I am not referring to a mall near you or a mall a few hours away. Duh?! They are all the same.


What I am referring to is being on the outdoors: the beach, the river, the mountains, the forest, the plains and so on and so forth. That is definitely change of scenery. Add the lack of mobile phone reception, then that just might be a paradise.


I have done one weekend warrior trip every month since January and I think it has somehow helped gather myself back for the rest of the month. And being in sales, it does feel nice to have a moment to commune with nature and somehow recharge. I can’t explain it, but despite the long bus rides, I came out of those trips happier. Maybe it is just my calling to wander but I can’t just drop everything and just travel all the time right? That is the struggle of a young adult with family responsibility and bills to pay.


So I guess the main benefit of being a weekend warrior is ESCAPE.


Well you get the picture right?


Here are some of the tips that I can share for people who wants to give a whack at being a weekend warrior:


  1. Decipher your Destination

Since you only have the weekend, you have DEFINITELY limited time. So you have to select your destination that:

a. You can reach fast based on your preferred mode of transport: buses, planes, private cars (you already!)

In my opinion, if your desired destination is about 3 to 8 hours away which is inclusive of waiting and travel time, then it is a possible option. Just take note to properly time your departures. It is best to travel Friday night towards your destination if they are 5 to 8 hours away and travel at dawn on Saturday for 3 to 4 hours destinations.


b. Offers an activity or activities that you would like to do

Do you want to explore the depths of the sea or surf the waves or lounge under the sun or walk alongside rivers to get the waterfalls or climb the summit or fly through a zip line or build a snowman (hahahah)? It would be advisable if you can do at least two things in one location. Allot time for each activity and remember to give yourself time in between activities for rest. You are not superman you know.


  1. Pack Properly

Take note that you only have a weekend. Since you know your activities, pack ACCORDINGLY and not excessively. It would be acceptable to have 3-4 pcs of shirts, shorts/pants and undies. But more than that is definitely excess.

These are the essentials in my opinion:

  1. Sunnies/ sunglasses
  2. Cap
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Water bottle
  5. Scarf/ Malongs
  6. Flipflops/ sandals
  7. Water proof small bags – that you can take in on a stroll or trek.

Travel as light as possible.


  1. Offline guides and maps

Since we all have a plethora of available travel information of how to get here and there, SAVE the links of the blogs where you read about your destinations particularly the directions on how to get there, possible costs and so on. You don’t want to get lost or get ripped off by paying too much. It pays to be prepared.


  1. Bring your Warmest Smile and Congenial Attitude

Travelling is an opportunity to meet new people. And this is not reserved for other travelers but people who work at the hostels, restaurants, stores and locals. Take note that they live in the place that you are visiting and they hold valuable information like: a secluded beach, a good and cheap restaurant, a secret trail to get to a waterfalls, bargains on souvenirs and that likes. Local insight is still the best!


  1. Have an adventure

Be open-minded to new things and I mean that in a non multi level marketing concept (LOL). All the planning and preparation can all be thrown out the window if you are provided with better options. So just be flexible and make use of your time well. As I said, take time to rest in between your activities. It’s still a working day come the following Monday so don’t stress yourself to hard or the entire purpose of weekend-warrioring would just be wasted. Just have FUN!


Just follow these tips while planning for your weekend warrior getaway and you are sure to have an awesome time. Well, it will always turn out good depending on your perspective.


So go forth and have a great weekend!


Flippin’ out!


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