SNAP AWARDS: Warm Bodies


Now, I know that you have seen a lot of post apocalyptic movies where the world is over run by zombie and where people live in colonies and have to risk their lives to get supplies. Resident Evil, Walking Dead, Dawn of the Living Dead (this one, my roommates and I cannot decide on) plus one where the last location is in a carnival (I think the movie was called Zombieland) are just some of the zombie movies that I’ve seen. And all have one thing in common: GORE! Blood spurting from bitten off chunks of skin and muscle. Blood oozing out our a gunshot to the head with bits of brains dripping out. You basically get an adrenaline rush from all the action and gunshots and suspense as you yell “run bitch, RUN, or else you become a zombie meal”.

Warm bodies on the other hand, has the gore and suspense of your typical zombie movie PLUS romance and comedy. I swear, you’ll get the taste of comedy within the first 5 minutes of the film and the romance factor before the 30 minute mark. I swear! I would risk part of my body that I think I don’t really need for this.

Here comes the SNAPS!


Post apocalyptic world where surviving humans build themselves thick walls to protect their stronghold and risk people by sending them to the outside world where “corpses” and “bonies”  (the next stage of being a zombie where all you see are bones) thrive devouring anything with a heartbeat.

The story begins with R (yes, just the letter. Zombies don’t remember their names, duh?) as he narrates his day to day life. Of how boring his life is. Of how he missed being able to express himself with words instead of grunting and groaning. But he is kinda a weirdo for a zombie as he collects stuff from snowglobes, to vinyl records (as according to him it sounds better making him feel alive, told you he was a nutter), to trophies and a lot of other stuff that he keeps in his so call room which is an actual plane.

Now on his search for food, he comes across Julie, the daughter of the leader of the remaining humans, with the rest of the platoon in search for supplies for their city. Now, R saw Julie already and it was love at first sight. Literally love at first sight. . . Ahm, well, instead of the shinning shimmering effects, there’s blood and brains. R took Julie’s boyfriend and he saved Julie from being chow from his other corpse friends. R took Julie to his plane where they spent a few days getting to know each other. R begun to verbalize more and express a little bit of his feelings with garbled words that needs subtitles to be under stood.

Julie was able to convince R to take him home but not before they were discovered by other corpse who tried to eat Julie up. The corpses, like R, begun to change in an instant they understood that R and Julie were sort of together and helped them get out of the airport. Both had to stop over in a how where they spent a night of revelation. Well, R did. He admitted that he eat Julie’s boyfriend. Julie took it hard and left the day after without R.

R, devastated as he is, walked back to their airport rather slowly (well, he’s a zombie after all) and bumped in to other corpses, headed by M (R’s best friend) who were evicted by the bonies as they were already changing. R learned that the bonies were looking for him and Julie as they were causing a change among the corpses. R sneaks in to the human city, guided by Julie’s ex’s memories, to search for Julie let him know that the corpses are changing and both of them are in trouble.

The bonies attack the city, the corpses fight the bonies, the humans are confused but eventually figure out that the corpses are on their side. R and Julie are eventually cornered by the bonies and had to jump from a height onto a shallow pool. R protected Julie from the drop and hit his head hard. Then emerged as a human. They found that he was already human because he bled after being shot by Julie’s dad.

5 SNAPS out of 5! I think this is as original as it can get. Although from what I read about the book, there was a little deviation that was necessary in my opinion.


Nicholas Hoult as “R”

Well, R is not actually is name. As he said, he thinks his name starts with a “R” so Julie called him so. What amazed me about “R” is the hilarious internal monologue as he narrates in the movie. I’m serious about the hilarious part. This is mainly because the narration sounds SO alive but the actions are SO dead and zombie like. He’s expected to be committed to be a zombie but there is something about him that makes you laugh, then slowly as a zombie if you may, fall in love with him as he get warmer

5 SNAPS out of 5! R will make you consider saying “move over Edward Cullen, R is now here!”

Teresa Palmer as Julie Grigio

I’ve seen Teresa Palmer as Number Six in I Am Number 4 in which she is a bad ass. But here, she’s more of the love interest of the Prime Meridian in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Well, I now realized, that she somehow looks like Kristen Stewart. Don’t you think? She also has that under acting thing that Stewart does. Give me a second to get over this resemblance.

OK, going back.

Wait, I can’t move on. (LOL) . Well, she was I think good as a love interest of a zombie. In fairness, both Julie and R have chemistry. She although she was conflicted with R killing her ex Perry. She did fell in love with R. Well, who wouldn’t? The under acting was I think helpful for the role as she needed to a tough chick to fight zombies

4 SNAPS out of 5!

Analeigh Tipton as Nora

I know Analeigh from Americas Next Top Model! I was actually shocked to see her on screen, although I thought this is not her first movie.

Nora was like Julie’s BBF. Loved her as she interrogated R when he broke in to their city. She was like a talk show host, a rather ruthless one. But she was also a bad ass in terms of shooting corpses and bonies down.

4 SNAPS out of 5!

Rob Corddry – M/ Marcus

M was R’s best bud if you may say. We’ll he actually was. And they have been grunting and groaning for a while and have going into rather slow paced hunting parties before R met Julie.

He was second to R in becoming warmer and eventually called himself Marcus at the end of the film.

4 SNAPS out of 5!

Dave Franco as Perry Kelvin

Perry was Julie’s deceased ex. Well after R dealt with him that is. He was a cautious, by the book man.

Well, there wasn’t much of him in the movie aside from before he was killed and the glimpses into his memory as R devours his brain (yucky , I know but what would expect from a zombie movie?)

3 SNAPS out of 5! There wasn’t much to on screen scenes to help the ratings.

John Malkovich – General Grigio

Seasoned actor John Malkovich was your typical, hard, shoot ’em in the head leader of the city in this post apocalyptic movie .

His hard facade faded when he found out that the corpses were indeed warming up.

3 SNAPS out of 5! I don’t think this can be added to Malkovich’s repertoire of award winning performances but I am sure he made big bucks out of this movie.


Mostly CGI characters that would remind you of the mummies from The Mummy movies without the elaborate costumes and weapons.

Bonies, although they didn’t have dialogues and apart from having hallow eyes, were just sinister.

3 SNAPS out of 5!


They did look like zombies although not that gory where they would be lacking on limbs and other appendages. They looked just right. Primarily because, there wouldn’t be much change if they turn into bonies. Well, they  would have to rip of their skins first.

The cute things about the corpses was that scene when they start to warm up. You could literally see their eyes glisten.

4 SNAPS out of 5!



This was the coolest place to be if you’re a corpse or a zombie although it was not explained in the movie why. It still had the run way even the gates and the security checks with a guard bleeping their metal detectors and a janitor.

The Human City

The human stronghold. The movie did not mention if this was the only city with humans(i think it wouldn’t be relevant) . It has of course, the thick walls with housing and a city hall.

The City

The remnants of a city where surviving humans sends people to retrieve food, medicine and other supplies. This looked like the common deserted city you would see in zombie movies.

3 SNAPS out of 5! I guess there wouldn’t be much of a choice in terms of location design with a post apocalyptic story.


Now, this would be the first time that I would comment on a movie’s music. But I couldn’t resist because it was really good. R was into vinyl records as mentioned and his music choices were good! Although old school, you would smile as the music were just perfect in setting the kilig moments of this movie.

5 SNAPS out of 5!

I guess, from my ratings, I really loved the movie (if it doesn’t, drop me an email, i will expound further) . The general appeal would be very light and funny  and indeed romantic. I will stick to my opinion saying “move over Edward Cullen, R is now here!” .

Now guys, if you have no plans yet for your Valentines date, invite your date to watch this movie. If you’d like to invite me, I’d be more than happy to go and watch it again!

Flippin’ out!


Movie Review: The Avengers

Quiti2x on The Avengers!
This would be my first movie review blog so let me just breakdown how I would do this.
I will be giving the plot, the background/setting, the effects, the characters SNAPs (this is SSSSOOOOOO Legally Blonde but whatever. I like how it sounds), 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, followed by an explanation of the SNAP.
I guess that pretty much covers it.
On with the review!
The plot:
Loki, Thor’s brother, fumed with revenge, want to take over Earth and free the human race through enslavement. Yeah.. I know.. I  don’t get it too but majority of evil plans doesn’t make actual sense , right? So he travels to Earth with some ancient knowledge that he discovered while in exile through a character that I don’t know the off, to get the Tesseract to use it as a weapon to free but enslave the human kind (rolling eyes).
S.H.I.E.L.D. (which I also don’t know the meaning too..) has the Tesseract for “research”. Loki was successful in stealing it from S.H.I.E.L.D. and mind-slaving some members which he needed. Fury, the guy with the eye patch, had the task of bringing together Earth’s heroes through the Avengers initiative that consists of Captain America, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Agent Romanov, and Hawkeye.
The plot was that of a typical super hero comic book where the antagonist would like to take over the world. The thing that made it interesting for me was that this was a war between a god, Loki and his army of alien/mythologic creatures versus the champions of the Earth. How’s that??
Even though the plot looks like it would be an testosterone with a pinch of estrogen butt whooping  action film, it actually has a very well placed and tasteful spoonfuls of comedy that will take your mind our of the action then suck you right back in!
Quiti2x verdict: 5 SNAPS
The background/settings:
From the Iron Man movies, you might have had a feel of how current the environment and also how futuristic it seems because of the technology shown in the movies. This was also carried on The Avengers movie.
THE WASTE LAND: This is in the opening scenes depicting a barren rocky landscape where Loki and the character that I don’t know were first seen was artfully done. Black violet and blues were the hues creating a sinister feel where the typical evil lurks.
TESSERACT HOLDING/TESTING AREA: From the name, it’s a lab where SHIELD is trying to decipher the inner working of the Tesseract. Very current open space testing area which Loki trashed. Well turned into rubble actually.
STARK TOWER: From the name itself, this owned but none other than Tony Stark, quadrillionaire, genius and all around player that is self sustaining and eco friendly. Truly a vision of future green engineering of course with a custom landing pad that removes Iron Man’s suite as he walks through
THE INVISIBLE CARRIER/AIRPLANE SHIELD COMMAND CENTER: No words to describe it but GIANORMOUSLY AWESOME! This started out as a airplane carrier that I thought would turn into a submarine but instead to a flying engineering masterpiece. Complete with the command centre with futuristic technology. But wait there’s more. It a cloaking device that makes it invisible. Beat that Hogwarts!
THE HULK CONTAINMENT UNIT: This was designed for the Hulk in case he decided to make an appearance and trash the command centre that was designed to withstand the Hulk’s strength and eject (more like drop) if in case he went berserk. This was where Loki was locked up but still have control over the entire situation.
STREETS OF MANHATTAN: Of course the island of Manhattan, famous as it is, is the setting for the battle royale of the movie between the Avengers and the invaders.
The ones mentioned were the background that I really love. Need I say more to defend my ratings?
Quiti2x verdict:  5 SNAPS
The cast:
Robert Downey Jr. as TONY STARK/ IRON MAN
This quarillionaire genius player was the brains and swagger of this movie. We all know that he was genius enough to make a suit to make him an oh-so-hot super hero. Although, Tony Stark was not recommended to be part of the Avengers but Iron Man was. In the end, you just can’t separate the suit from the man.
 I love his comedic inserts and snide comments which actually balanced out the movie. He got all the scientific stuff down into deliveries that were believable.
Highlight: getting the one of the engines of the flying command centre running again and guiding the nuclear missile to the portal and coming back to Earth
Quiti2x verdict: 5 SNAPS
This man-sicle and war hero had spent his frustrations of missing out on a date decades back, spent his time punching bags. Although he was in the 21st century he still stuck to his era. He rose to the occasion once he was called by SHIELD and took the role of leader of the Avengers after a few verbal squabble s with Tony Stark. Good thing as the entire team would have needed his leadership skills. Although he does not have powers that shoot out of his hands, he makes up for it with his kick-ass skills!
Everything was almost perfect (oh yes!) except for his voice which I though lacked some umph to it. But then again he was able to direct the Avengers  to a team.
Highlight: Taking charge of the Avengers and directing them to battle
Quiti2x verdict: 4 SNAPS
Bruce Banner has spent his time helping out people in India. And his expertise in gamma rays was the main reason he was collected. He chose to be under the radar (so he thought) to get the green monster alter persona of him under control. Now the Hulk when unleashed was just like “BOOM”
Mark Ruffalo did a good job particularly in the scene when he was collected and sort of lost his temper allowing the Hulk to make an almost there appearance. The swift transition from anger to calmness was just superb
Highlight: collection of Bruce Banner and bashing Loki (it was hilariously GREAT!) plus hitting back on Thor
Quiti2x verdict: 5 SNAPS
Chris Hemsworth as THOR
Thor just actually appeared out of nowhere when Iron Man and Captain America captured Loki (very easily might I add) to take Loki into questioning on the whereabouts of the Tesseract. He knowS well the power that the cube posses and fears for his beloved Earth so he decided to help and join the Avengers.
Chris Hemsworth was not actually big on the acting side. But his mighty hammer and his lightning  were great additions to the Avengers. Plus he’s a god!
Highlight: Smacking the Hulk into almost unconsciousness with his hammer and sending out a lighting storm using the Empire state building as a lightning rod
Quiti2x verdict: 4 SNAPS
We first saw her in Iron Man 2 and got a taste of what she can do. Here, she was the rose among the thorns and held her own despite of the big heroes around her. Collected Bruce Bane, interrogated Loki and did amazing fights! Who said that you needed to be a gamma exposed, or wear armor, or be experimented on to be a heroine??
Scarlett Johansson was just FIERCELY AWESOME! I’m sure she can make Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and Angelina Jolie in Salt a run for their money! GIRL POWER! Although she was a bit under acting but I guess that is what you get from a spy. Still, BRILLIANT! I wish they would make a Black Widow movie!
Highlight: taking on 3 men while bound to a chair, interrogating Loki, taking an enemy flying contraption to get to the portal to close it down.
Quiti2x verdict: 5 SNAPS
While protecting the Tesseract, Hawkeye was mind-controlled by Loki because of his heart and determination. Since he was under a spell, he turned against SHIELD and almost brought down the command centre from the sky. He was that good. But after a hard knock out from Black Widow, he was snapped back to reality. He proved to be a great asset to SHIELD as he wielded his bow and arrows which were pretty cool too!
There wasn’t that much moments of him acting but more on combats and shooting only. But his scene with Black Widow on their life as spies was ok.
Highlight: Shooting down the enemy with his bow and arrow hitting his mark every time
Quiti2x verdict: 4 SNAPS
Samuel L. Jackson as NICK FURY
Nick Fury has been cameo appearing in the individual movies of each hero. He’s in this movie the entire time. Stern  but brilliant, he formed the Avengers and convinced them to be a team as they are Earth’s last hope. I actually don’t know how he ended up with one eye but I guess the look suits him
Samuel L. Jackson was great too. He was like the PR person of the Avengers versus their detractors with his direct to the point statements.
Highlight: Explaining the real purpose of SHIELD and anchoring on the death of Agent Phil to push the team to unite
Quiti2x verdict: 4 SNAPS
Tom Hiddleston as LOKI
As told in Norse mythology, Loki is the god of mischief and has been the public enemy number 1 of Asgard. In this movie, he wants to take over the Earth and enslave humans so as to free them. Wielding his magic staff/ spear, he destroyed the original SHIELD command centre to a rubble, mind-controlled agents and a scientist, demanded people to kneel in from of him, have himself captured but still under control of everything, and summons his army to destroy Manhanttan. EVIL!
Tom Hiddleston was perfect for the role I think. He has that sinister yet regal look which is fit for the god of mischief. There was only one thing missing for me. He didn’t have an evil laugh that rings in times of his short lived triumph. Guess I’ll just laugh for him <evil laugh>
Highlight: Cornering people in the park and getting them to kneel down at him
Quiti2x verdict: 5 SNAPS
Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson
Agent Phil first appeared in the Iron Man movies. He was a huge fan on Captain America and was looking for the right opportunity to have him sign it. He was the cause of the turning point of each avenger.
Clark Gregg was delightful in his scene where he was talking to Captain America. I felt his awe and elation to be standing next to his idol so to speak. Plus he was a scapegoat to get everything in proper motion. Although he was not a hero initially, he became one too one way or another.
Highlight: Facing Loki with a big ass gun but gets stabbed and died before he managed to hit Loki
Quiti2x verdict: 5 SNAPS
Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill
Agent Maria Hill was right hand woman, in my opinion of Nick Fury that made sure everything was good .
                Cobie Smulders stepped out of her girl next door image with this movie.
Highlight: car chase with Loki and his mind controlled agents while trying to avoid being buried alive.
Quiti2x verdict: 4 SNAPS
The effects:
AWESOME is I guess the best word to describe the effects in this movie. Here are some of my favorites:
1.       Opening of the portal to another world
2.       SHIELD’s command center converting from an airship carrier to a flying airship carrier then turning invisible (that was a mouthful)
3.       Tony Stark removing his Iron Man suit while walking on a platform (really cool!)
4.       Loki’s multiplicity power
5.       Bruce Banner’s transformation into the Hulk
6.       Thor conjuring up lightning with his hammer
7.       Nick Fury’s conference call with world leaders
8.       Alien with their flying machines and the flying worm of mass destruction (you get it right??)
Quiti2x verdict: 5 SNAPS
The Avengers movie was worth the wait! And like I said, has this amazing inserts of comedy that pulls you right out of the action for a second then you get sucked right back in.
I honestly think this is the BEST Marvel movie made to date!
Quiti2x verdict: 5 SNAPS
I recommend this movie to everyone! Although, I’m pretty sure that the comic book junkies who followed this series may have some let down which I guess is typical.
Remember that this movie was rated in the Philippines as PG-13. So parents out there, please accompany your children while watching this movie. I’m sure you would enjoy it too!
If you still haven’t watched THE AVENGERS movie, well, what are you waiting for?? The part 2??? GOGOGO and buy your tickets already! 

Extras: I would love to place pictures in this blog but by internet connection is slow. Just check it out in the web

ANG BABAE SA SEPTIC TANK (The Woman in the Septic Tank)

The indie film industry in the Philippines has been an intriguing subject for me. I have never seen one movie at all well except today.
After burning my fats at the gym, I asked myself if I can afford to watch a movie. Ashamed as I am, but I was already PHP 1000 negative as of Thursday last week. By “negative” I mean, that I owe my parents money since my ATM ran empty for what so ever reason that I don’t know (HMMMM, that would be an interesting topic to write about too..note to self). Going back. I have wanted to watch this indie film from the recently concluded Cinemalaya (Philippines’ only indie film festival) called ANG BABAE SA SEPTIC TANK (The Woman in the Septic Tank). Having hear reviews  from a good friends, I wanted to see it for myself plus ANG SAYAW NG DALAWANG KALIWANG PAA(The Dance with Two Left Feet). The first movie, because of amazing reviews was able to go mainstream primarily because the star of the film is a rising comedienne whom I liked since she was good.
Since it is my first indie movie ever, I did not know what to expect. I know that it would be definitely a different one from the conventional movies since budget is low for production but the story is normally good and it have that “kurot” (pinch) at the heart, I guess.
So there I was sitting in the movie house early for the 5:00pm screening (I was not so sure of the time since I keep time 40 minutes in advance, hahaha) enjoying my regular sized sour cream popcorn and water(yes, DIET??!) while several trailers of movies were being shown. I made a mental note on the movies that I had to watch out for.  And the trailers kept coming, and the trailers kept coming, and the trailers kept coming. (my list of movies to watch out for was growing longer). Then finally the movie started.
It was a bit dragging, the beginning of the movie. The shot was that of the slums, showcasing the normal day to day life that one can expect.  It showed a woman, cooking one pack of instant noodles to be shared by her and her seven children.  The woman bathing her daughter. The woman dressing her daughter. The woman and her daughter, walking out of their neighbourhood, heading towards a condominium. The receptionist looking at the mother and daughter as they walked past the lobby to the elevators. The mother and daughter walking through the hotel corridor the stopping at a door who was opened by an old foreigner. The mother leaving her daughter with the man then rushing to the fire exist to cry her eyes out. There were no dialogues, just a narration that this is a scene, the shot, the time, and what happens in the scene. It was about poverty, human trafficking, and paedophilia. Well, the story of the movie within the movie that is.
The scenes were from the vivid imagination more like dream sequence of the production assistant that was travelling with her producer and director while travelling to a coffee shop, their pitstop before heading out for a meeting with the famous comedienne mentioned earlier.  They ordered coffee with non fat milk(hmmm, health conscious much??). They ran in to an arch-nemesis whom they loathe so much for being a cocky <toot><toot> (it’s censored..sorry). Then they went to meet with the one and only Eugene Domingo. On the way, there was another couple of dream sequences where they are debating if Eugene Domingo is the best actress to play the role of Mila(the woman in the movie) or if two others would fit the role better or a non-actor. They settled for Eugene since they were already meeting her. Then the other one was the movie being a musical! It was amazing! I personally liked that one.
They arrive in Ms. Domingo’s residence, which by the way was finest crib that I have ever seen! Though I am not sure of this is her actual residence but it was so dang FINE in a major major way! Then came my most favorite part of the movie. I will not describe it here. YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELVES! There is a guarantee that you will laugh your heart out. I did thanks to Eugene’s brilliance.
Location scouting was next shown. The director, producer and PA found the perfect location that they wanted to shoot only to find their car being pillaged by the slummers (people from the slums). Imagine the disappointment and helplessness. Well, it happens in life.
You might be asking how the name “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” came to be?? Well, that was my question also. But then I saw the movie. You’ll get it I promise and it is the biggest surprise ever.