Lenten Reflections: A Perfect Family

Every family has it own glitches but it should never hinder you to call it PERFECT…

This is what I came up with during this Lenten holidays. How I came to that utter that statement was a bit of a long story to tell.

I came from a middle class family in a small home with my parents and two siblings (one older and another younger) plus our youngest’ daughter, my niece. We live in this small house in Las Pinas but thanks to the efforts of my parents, it became bigger. We also have our aunt who lives with us to help out in the house. Oh yeah, we have a border also.

My parents are around 60 yrs old now. My mom worked as a teller in a provincial bank when she met my father who was a liaison officer at that time. Then as if like magic, they decided to marry and had us. My mom shifted work to a placement agency in Manila but eventually left her post when she had my youngest sister and put up her own business. She used to supply different university bookstores with an assortment of hair accessories which she resells with the entire family’s help. She eventually stopped the business too because of the lack of time. My father gave up his first job and entered salesmanship for a Danish industrial products. He stayed there for quite a while but had to go abroad to work as an OFW still in sales as our educations was getting more pricer He spent 8 years there working his ass off. They all did what they can do to provide us with the only thing that they can leave as inheritance: a proper education. And I LOVE them for that.

My older brother is a registered Physical Therapist but decided to join the academe as a lecturer in one of his field’s top review centers. He would get lecturing engagement all across the country and he also sidelines as a instructor for body jam. My younger sister is a graduate of psychology and is now working in a bank. She had her daughter one semester shy of graduating but she still finished and she is her fiance is about to get married this year. I am definitely PROUD of them.

As for me, I’m currently employed in a travel network after sort of throwing away my 5 year career in IT distribution in case of my dream to travel the world. I am the first one to leave the coop and sort of live semi-independently already after a long discussion with my parents. And  all I can say is that I am HAPPY.

Now how did I come up with that statement you may ask? Well, I can’t tell you exactly as I choose not the be an open book. All I can say, every family have their own glitches. Whether it be financial stuff or not being able to live up to your parents expectations or unwanted pregnancies or personal issues with other people who live in your house, or lack of out look in life or infidelity or attitude problems or frustrations in your current life situation or comparing your own family to what others have or continuance of family lineage or upholding family honor and so on and so forth (I swear the list is definitely a long one! It may never end).  What ever it is, it can be solved or at the least ironed out with the help of everybody.

My family doesn’t have all the issues that I enumerated. We have our fair share of issues believe me. From what I have observed with my family, we don’t have a knack of connecting with each other. Messages will have to be passed from one person to another before it reaches the correct ear. We do have a problem with communication. We also have a stubborn bones in our bodies in which we have stick with what we want to do individually. I don’t know if it is hereditary or something but everyone of us have that. Maybe that is our core. We do sometimes give way but with our raising our voices at some point in the discussion.

It may look bad because of that glitch but cest la vie. We have to work around it.

Despite this fact, our family comes together in times of need. When my mother had to undergo an operation, everyone was all hand on deck doing the best they can to help out. Or when my grand parents died, we were all together. Or when we were faced with an early pregnancy issue, that was the time we all sat down as a family and decided to act like one. My family maybe foreign to issues  or rather, my parents knows how to handle it well. And now that we, my siblings and I have firm beliefs, preferences, principles and as we grow maturely, issues are becoming more evident. But WE are a family when the occasion call for it. We set aside differences, point of views and beliefs. I guess there are really moments that defines us. And that to me, is what is important.

I guess my point is we may not have the luxury of selecting our families but that will should never stop us in making the most of what we have. We should all remember that the family is the basic unit of society and it have a BIG effect on who and what we are now. And whether one comes from dysfunctional or rigid or close-knit or traditional or liberal or what ever kind of family, one should never forget about one’s beginning. Your family should be an anchor that you can use to pull yourself up from deep sh*t or pull yourself down when you are up high.

I made this realizations during this Lenten staycation and wanted to share these thoughts to anyone who would bother.

I am proud to say that my family is PERFECT.



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