A Tale of Two Suns

I was browsing through my old Blackberry phone and I came across this poem I wrote two years ago, I think. Although I can’t remember why I wrote it, I think it is one of my best poems I’ve made.


A Tale of Two Suns


Two suns rose together in equal bright,

High in the sky as they take flight.

Also as one, they fade into the night

Only to rise again and spread their light


The animals in the prairie looked up to the sky

Every morning announced by the rooster’s cry

They stared in awe and mouth, “Oh my!

How stunning these two suns are?”, they sigh


As seasons changed, they did not falter.

These two suns rose and fell together.

The animals ooh-ed and aah-ed but began to wonder,

“Does having two suns make the temperature hotter?”


The birds who flew across the sky tried to explain,

They hover over the prairie and in chorus they exclaim

“We have two suns because it’s just that way.

So don’t ask anymore and please enjoy your day.”


Although the birds came to the suns defense,

They could not swallow or even get the sense.

As they themselves have questions and queries 

But concluded that it is an unsolved mystery.


Tell me what you think will ya?

flippin’ out!


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