Yah, it is the New Year again (well it has been for about 7 days already). It has been 2014 years after the Romans invented the Gregorian calendar that we use today (was just curious how really old is the earth with this statement)

Year after year, we do a flashback of what we’ve been through the previous year. We say thank you to the people who have been part of that year. We smile at the good and the bad times and even the angry times as if it was written in the book under the 2013 chapter in the book called life.

After looking back at the year that has past, we look forward to the future. We busy ourselves with researching over what Feng Shui experts are saying about our Chinese Zodiac sign. We take note of the month in which we need a lucky charm either to avoid health, career, or love issues.

Again year after year, we try to come up with a list of things to do or goals per se. And year after year, we watch to see these lists of goals get ticked off one by one or more often(for me that is), it remains what it is: A LIST. Nothing more nothing less.

Fortunately, for me I was able to tick some from my list last 2013.

  1. Quasi-independence

Yes! I did sort of left my parents coop last January 2013. Just celebrated my anniversary as a quasi independent bloke earlier this January! Yey me!

My parents allowed me last January to go and rent a place with two roommates whom I’ve known from college (I know them about 7 years now). This was after a LONG discussion with them. I wanted them to realize that I will eventually leave the coop sooner or later like every kid does when they grow up. I was firm with what that so I guess they wanted me to give it a try with the hopes I’d return to them after a few months. But I was able to stick it out despite them urging me to return home from time to time.

This idea was one of my goals when I reached 25. It took me a year before I executed it. Mainly because I was not ready yet financially but when I was, I took the risk.

Now you may ask why the word “quasi”? Well, it is because I still return to our home every Friday night and leave Sunday night. We Filipinos definitely have strong family ties and of course, there is really no place like home right?

2. New employment

I’ve been with my previous company (IT distribution) for 5 years. YES 5 years! It was enough for me to call our office my second home, my colleagues as brothers and sisters and my boss a second father. Was given the opportunity to climb also the corporate ladder, so that company is dear to me.

But I again, at age 25 (there must be really something about turning 25 that makes you decide on BIG changes on your life, eh?), I hit a quarter life crisis and decided to make a career suicide. Yup, was willing to throw away 5 years experience in the IT industry to start a new career from scratch. I would not consider it as a stupid move back but one step closer to my dream. Well, that was I told myself but in reality I didn’t know what I wanted. One thing was sure though, I wanted change.  I told my boss about my plans as respect to him. After him wishing me luck, I started looking around.  Among applications and interviews that I went through, I got close to securing a job in Acer and Levis (very different industries right?). These two were the ones that I really wanted but I guess it wasn’t for me because I made booboos at crucial points. Especially during the final interview for the Levis post. Argh! Won’t go in to details any more.

But one faithful call came and I said I’ll show up for the interview. But unfortunately, the schedule was along side with two other interviews. Well, I made it through one, I ditched one to get to the last one. I was surprised because the country head was the one to interview me. And before I left the country head’s office, I have an offer to think about already. The following day I said yes. After rendering a month (it was very emotional month particularly the last week and the last day), VIOLA, I work for a travel network already as a business development guy.


The call of wanderlust is strong with me. It’s really addicting ever since my trip to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to celebrate my 26th birthday last 2012.

Ever since that first out of the country trip, I decided to have at least one out of the country trip yearly. And if my wallet permits it, a trip to a local destination.

I was able to do both! Well, a more appropriate scene would me saying “YEY!” and my wallet saying “$@^%@^#&$%!” LOL.

Was able to visit the beautiful island of Bohol in Visayas with my good friends last August. It was a blast! We saw the old coral stone churches before they were destroyed by the strong earthquake. The beaches were just divine. I have to stop myself from enjoying lest I won’t leave the island at all. It was SO serene and beautiful.

If I was Ann Curtis, I would buy a house, its beach front and the island over there in Bohol! LOL.

The out of the country trip was the most awaited. I booked it October 2012 and was scheduled to leave October 2013 (yeah, I book THAT ahead of time). Originally it was supposed to be a solo trip but I changed my mind and invited friends to come along/ and 7 answered the call but 6 made it to the beautiful city of Hanoi, Vietnam! Read all about it on my other post: <insert link>

I honestly searched deep down in the hopes to look for two more achievements so that the total would reach 5 but unfortunately, that is just about it LOL. On the bright side, I least I ticked off three items from my list right? It’s better than nothing anyway.

Now 2014, I don’t know what will happen to me. Maybe I’ll succeed in the travel industry (well, that is my plan) or maybe I’ll die (yes, I’m morbid). Well only God knows. I’ll just live, work, and enjoy what it would offer no matter if it goes against or in my favor.

Flippin’ out!


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