Ruby’s Country Cafe

it has been a long time since i hung out with my friends. three weeks actually… well, i think it was around that time. I normally loose track of time of all the things that happen to me on a weekly basis (don’t get me started, lest you want a lethargic blow-by-blow account). seeing them for a few hours or more is just a joy and a difference from my day to day life. we have already determined where we would hang out and it was super “homey” and i don’t the slang one. we went to tita ruby’s  “ruby’s country cafe”


Ruby’s Country Cafe is a uber homey place located along the main road of BF Parañaque but I am definitely sure that it’s still in the city of Las Piñas. It’s near Ero’s Gotohan (am not sure if it is the correct name of the said gotohan). You won’t miss it because of it’s beautifully designed facade of an blue and white colors that’s like a cozy house.


When you enter the shop, you would be greeted by Tita Ruby, the owner. She’s very accommodating and very friendly. You’ll see a small shelves of some of the products that they offer: oatmeal and raisins cookies (this is SUPER good), atchara (pickled papaya), chocolate chip cookie (SUPER SUPER LOVE), and asado bread (their best seller) as well as bag of coffees (tita ruby’s own blend). There is a small table inside the air conditioned room but believe me, it’s better to stay on the veranda. The black board, contains the menu: a short list of coffee blends that you can either have hot or iced but either way, it’s GOOD. Should you prefer, your coffee on the sweet side or the strong side, just let Tita Ruby know and she’ll adjust it to your liking. Aside from the coffee, there are also snack items. There’s 3 Pigs in a blanket (ask Tita Ruby why), nachos , hungarian sausage and garlic pasta and other items. All of which are UBERLY lovely and mouth watering, I swear! The nachos, you won’t get crumbled pieces and the cheese is super light but still tasty. The Hungarian sausage and garlic pasta is DIVINE! I saw it being prepared and the aroma of the garlic gets you good. Oh, the iced tea (they have a blue one and a regular one) is also special! I didn’t taste the blue one but the regular one was made from actual tea with a splash of lemon. and it was really good. As for the price, it is super affordable! 


i swear my mouth is watering from my efforts to describe the food to you guys.


We placed our orders and headed out to the veranda, Let me get back on the design, the veranda has beautiful chairs as well as light features that you would see on a normal house. The white fixtures against the blue is really good combination. The secret of this veranda that made this place homey was it has windows with images that looks like you’re looking into an actual household.


The best time to hang out is at night when the lights are on.


So if you want to chill out whether solo or a group, or if you are looking for a place for a cozy date, or just want good food (breads and pastries), please visit Ruby’s Country Cafe. You’ll fall in love with it just like me and my friends did.Image



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