SNAP AWARDS: Warm Bodies


Now, I know that you have seen a lot of post apocalyptic movies where the world is over run by zombie and where people live in colonies and have to risk their lives to get supplies. Resident Evil, Walking Dead, Dawn of the Living Dead (this one, my roommates and I cannot decide on) plus one where the last location is in a carnival (I think the movie was called Zombieland) are just some of the zombie movies that I’ve seen. And all have one thing in common: GORE! Blood spurting from bitten off chunks of skin and muscle. Blood oozing out our a gunshot to the head with bits of brains dripping out. You basically get an adrenaline rush from all the action and gunshots and suspense as you yell “run bitch, RUN, or else you become a zombie meal”.

Warm bodies on the other hand, has the gore and suspense of your typical zombie movie PLUS romance and comedy. I swear, you’ll get the taste of comedy within the first 5 minutes of the film and the romance factor before the 30 minute mark. I swear! I would risk part of my body that I think I don’t really need for this.

Here comes the SNAPS!


Post apocalyptic world where surviving humans build themselves thick walls to protect their stronghold and risk people by sending them to the outside world where “corpses” and “bonies”  (the next stage of being a zombie where all you see are bones) thrive devouring anything with a heartbeat.

The story begins with R (yes, just the letter. Zombies don’t remember their names, duh?) as he narrates his day to day life. Of how boring his life is. Of how he missed being able to express himself with words instead of grunting and groaning. But he is kinda a weirdo for a zombie as he collects stuff from snowglobes, to vinyl records (as according to him it sounds better making him feel alive, told you he was a nutter), to trophies and a lot of other stuff that he keeps in his so call room which is an actual plane.

Now on his search for food, he comes across Julie, the daughter of the leader of the remaining humans, with the rest of the platoon in search for supplies for their city. Now, R saw Julie already and it was love at first sight. Literally love at first sight. . . Ahm, well, instead of the shinning shimmering effects, there’s blood and brains. R took Julie’s boyfriend and he saved Julie from being chow from his other corpse friends. R took Julie to his plane where they spent a few days getting to know each other. R begun to verbalize more and express a little bit of his feelings with garbled words that needs subtitles to be under stood.

Julie was able to convince R to take him home but not before they were discovered by other corpse who tried to eat Julie up. The corpses, like R, begun to change in an instant they understood that R and Julie were sort of together and helped them get out of the airport. Both had to stop over in a how where they spent a night of revelation. Well, R did. He admitted that he eat Julie’s boyfriend. Julie took it hard and left the day after without R.

R, devastated as he is, walked back to their airport rather slowly (well, he’s a zombie after all) and bumped in to other corpses, headed by M (R’s best friend) who were evicted by the bonies as they were already changing. R learned that the bonies were looking for him and Julie as they were causing a change among the corpses. R sneaks in to the human city, guided by Julie’s ex’s memories, to search for Julie let him know that the corpses are changing and both of them are in trouble.

The bonies attack the city, the corpses fight the bonies, the humans are confused but eventually figure out that the corpses are on their side. R and Julie are eventually cornered by the bonies and had to jump from a height onto a shallow pool. R protected Julie from the drop and hit his head hard. Then emerged as a human. They found that he was already human because he bled after being shot by Julie’s dad.

5 SNAPS out of 5! I think this is as original as it can get. Although from what I read about the book, there was a little deviation that was necessary in my opinion.


Nicholas Hoult as “R”

Well, R is not actually is name. As he said, he thinks his name starts with a “R” so Julie called him so. What amazed me about “R” is the hilarious internal monologue as he narrates in the movie. I’m serious about the hilarious part. This is mainly because the narration sounds SO alive but the actions are SO dead and zombie like. He’s expected to be committed to be a zombie but there is something about him that makes you laugh, then slowly as a zombie if you may, fall in love with him as he get warmer

5 SNAPS out of 5! R will make you consider saying “move over Edward Cullen, R is now here!”

Teresa Palmer as Julie Grigio

I’ve seen Teresa Palmer as Number Six in I Am Number 4 in which she is a bad ass. But here, she’s more of the love interest of the Prime Meridian in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Well, I now realized, that she somehow looks like Kristen Stewart. Don’t you think? She also has that under acting thing that Stewart does. Give me a second to get over this resemblance.

OK, going back.

Wait, I can’t move on. (LOL) . Well, she was I think good as a love interest of a zombie. In fairness, both Julie and R have chemistry. She although she was conflicted with R killing her ex Perry. She did fell in love with R. Well, who wouldn’t? The under acting was I think helpful for the role as she needed to a tough chick to fight zombies

4 SNAPS out of 5!

Analeigh Tipton as Nora

I know Analeigh from Americas Next Top Model! I was actually shocked to see her on screen, although I thought this is not her first movie.

Nora was like Julie’s BBF. Loved her as she interrogated R when he broke in to their city. She was like a talk show host, a rather ruthless one. But she was also a bad ass in terms of shooting corpses and bonies down.

4 SNAPS out of 5!

Rob Corddry – M/ Marcus

M was R’s best bud if you may say. We’ll he actually was. And they have been grunting and groaning for a while and have going into rather slow paced hunting parties before R met Julie.

He was second to R in becoming warmer and eventually called himself Marcus at the end of the film.

4 SNAPS out of 5!

Dave Franco as Perry Kelvin

Perry was Julie’s deceased ex. Well after R dealt with him that is. He was a cautious, by the book man.

Well, there wasn’t much of him in the movie aside from before he was killed and the glimpses into his memory as R devours his brain (yucky , I know but what would expect from a zombie movie?)

3 SNAPS out of 5! There wasn’t much to on screen scenes to help the ratings.

John Malkovich – General Grigio

Seasoned actor John Malkovich was your typical, hard, shoot ’em in the head leader of the city in this post apocalyptic movie .

His hard facade faded when he found out that the corpses were indeed warming up.

3 SNAPS out of 5! I don’t think this can be added to Malkovich’s repertoire of award winning performances but I am sure he made big bucks out of this movie.


Mostly CGI characters that would remind you of the mummies from The Mummy movies without the elaborate costumes and weapons.

Bonies, although they didn’t have dialogues and apart from having hallow eyes, were just sinister.

3 SNAPS out of 5!


They did look like zombies although not that gory where they would be lacking on limbs and other appendages. They looked just right. Primarily because, there wouldn’t be much change if they turn into bonies. Well, they  would have to rip of their skins first.

The cute things about the corpses was that scene when they start to warm up. You could literally see their eyes glisten.

4 SNAPS out of 5!



This was the coolest place to be if you’re a corpse or a zombie although it was not explained in the movie why. It still had the run way even the gates and the security checks with a guard bleeping their metal detectors and a janitor.

The Human City

The human stronghold. The movie did not mention if this was the only city with humans(i think it wouldn’t be relevant) . It has of course, the thick walls with housing and a city hall.

The City

The remnants of a city where surviving humans sends people to retrieve food, medicine and other supplies. This looked like the common deserted city you would see in zombie movies.

3 SNAPS out of 5! I guess there wouldn’t be much of a choice in terms of location design with a post apocalyptic story.


Now, this would be the first time that I would comment on a movie’s music. But I couldn’t resist because it was really good. R was into vinyl records as mentioned and his music choices were good! Although old school, you would smile as the music were just perfect in setting the kilig moments of this movie.

5 SNAPS out of 5!

I guess, from my ratings, I really loved the movie (if it doesn’t, drop me an email, i will expound further) . The general appeal would be very light and funny  and indeed romantic. I will stick to my opinion saying “move over Edward Cullen, R is now here!” .

Now guys, if you have no plans yet for your Valentines date, invite your date to watch this movie. If you’d like to invite me, I’d be more than happy to go and watch it again!

Flippin’ out!


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