Ever experienced waking up in the morning and taking your time before getting off your bed on a work day because you feel lazy thinking you wouldn’t do anything important in the office and you woulf very much prefer to spend the rest of the day in bed or relaxing or just chilling out in hibernation mode but you still have to report to work? (That was a mouthful!) So you pull yourself up, get ready for work, get to the office and just sit and do nothing. This is what I call “tamaditis”.

From the root word “tamad” meaning indolent/ lazyn this is what you experience when you feel lazy and would love to slightly head bang to the tune of Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song”. Tamditis symptoms include:

1. staring blankly at your computer screen occasionally moving your mouse so that your screen won’t go to standy mode.
2. constantly fidgeting with your mobile phones, checking facebook or twitter as a means to find something to do.
3. If you are doing something, it would take you more than double or even triple the normal period in completing tasks.
4. yawning not once or twice within an hour.
5. If you are typing on your screen and you find yourself snoozing for a second then jerking yourself awake because your head slips from your hand.

This normally is rampant among us corporate slaves during the month of December particularly during the in between dates of Christmas and New Year.

The main causes of tamaditis are as follows:
1. lack of things to do in the office – clients are already on vacation, no pending tasks to accomplish. In short, na-dah!
2. lack of sleep – you have noticable bags under your eyes which can accommodate a peso coin from the activities you did the previous day.
3. feeling that you need a vacation – since it’s the holiday season for students, and you feel that you’re also on vacation as you want to turn back time back to your scholastic days.
4. ???? – for some reason, you just catch it

Can you relate? 🙂

In general, Filipinos are hardworking people. This probably the reason ,aside from being brilliant, why other countries get Filipinos as their employees. Spaniards have labeled Pinoys during their 300 year occupation as lazy people primarily beacause they they thought our ancestors did not tend the farms during the day. But in reality, the seeds were sowed, the fields were turned before the sun rose in the sky. I would not know for other races though. I’m just half Filipino and half Filipina at times (LOL!).

I personally have experienced this hence me writing about it during an actual tamaditis attack. Well, let’s be honest, whou would want to spend a day at the office with nothing to do or spend the day lounging and relaxing or better yet sleeping? I guest the answer is pretty obvious, don’t you think?

How to treat tamaditis? Well that is entirely dependent on you. I would recommend letting it run its course through your system because it will lapse in a day’s time. Showing up for work while having tamaditis would be best. Primarily, there is a big chance that something might come up to occupy your time turning the boat around from a laid back one to a productive one to a stressfull one. Believe me, it can!. Just a word of caution though; don’t let your boss see that you have tamaditis or you might get yourself whacked or worse, fired! LOL

So whether you have a mild case (tamaditis medyosis) or a severe one (tamaditis todosis), you best do something about it. But if you have tamaditis lasting for a week (tamaditis OA-sis), the best thing to do is to have a personality check and an attitude adjustment. Remember money don’t just pook into your ATM and wallet. We have to work hard for it! Sweat, blood and tears baby!

And one more thing: if symptoms persists, consult your friendly neighborhood albularyo! 🙂


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