Puffing. Puffing.
Rumbling. Rumbling.
Puffing. Puffing
More rumbling. I can handle
Walking. Walking.
Talking. Talking.
Stronger rumbling.
I stop. Something must be done.
Turning around.
Pleasantries. Pleasantries.
Intense rumbling.
I have to go.
Hurrying. Hurrying.
Running. Running.
Intense rumbling.
I have to walk slowly.
Sweating. Sweating.
Almost there.
Closing. Unbuttoning
Explosion. Disaster!
Keeping calm. Keeping calm.
What’s done is done.
SOS-ing. SOS-ing.
Sinking in. Sinking in.
Giggling. Giggling.
It was uberly embarassing and funny.
More giggling. More giggling.
Tidying. Tidying.
Waiting. Waiting.
Throwing. Throwing.
I’m saved!
Mind setting. Mind setting.
Laughing out loud.
Sigh of relief!
Moving on. Moving on.

This entry was about that uberly funny and embarrassing predicament that I had. Can you figure it out?

To my amazing stars, I thank you with all my heart!xoxo


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