Almost Pavement Face Slam in the Rain

Currently am in an out patient clinic near out place waiting for the internist to get a referral to get my shoulder and knee x-rayed. Why, you might ask? Here’s the story:

Yesterday was a rainy day in Metro Manila. We have a tropical storm right now and it was pouring! Now, a lot of people would be groaning and saying “my shoes would get wet”, or something like “my outfit *gasps*! Awww”. Well, I’m not one of them. I love rain to the point that I have this can’t-wipe-off-smile whenever I’m walking under the rain (I do have an umberlla of course).

I was already in the bus, standing (most of the time this is the case when you’re using public buses), looking out the bus window like an emo, waiting for the bus to reach my destination. My mind was floating at that time. We’ll, more like booting up (hehehe). I’m really not a morning person I guess. The bus was full to the brim as well because of the rain.

So the bus came to my stop I was trying to push my way through the throng of people to get to the door while preparing to open my umbrella. the bus doors opened and you can hear the rain pounding hard. I took a step and missed the bus step as my focus was opening the umbrella.

Then the next thing I know I was falling as if in a slow motion: my mouth wide open as well as the other people in the bus; I fervently tried to grab something to hold on to but realized that I had BB on one hand and the umbrella on the other. I felt the drops of rain on my head and then saw the wet concrete. That was when I accepted that was going to hit the concrete and it was gonna hurt, BIG TIME! Then me and the concrete collided: first with my right then left knee than my left shoulder. My face almost hit the concrete but I by some chance it impact did not happen. I had to protect my face! It’s one of my best assets (well, it is!).

I all happened in a blink off an eye! (I am amazed though that I was able to expounding on the event to an entire paragraph).The pain was just “URGH”! Add the fact that I was wet and that no body helped me and every one on the bus were ogling at my sight. QUE HORROR! Talk about loosing poise in front of a lot of people.. “Urgh”, in my opinion was the best word to describe that moment.

Now back to me, I checked myself and thank God I was still in one piece. Realizing that I had BB on my hand, I tried to keep it dry by placing it in my pocket. Hastily opened the darn umbrella to get me somehow out of the rain (not that I am not drenched already). Getting back on my feet was a challenge though. My knees were wobbly as I tried to get up. And boy, they did hurt A LOT! Slowly but surely I was able to stand up and noticed that everyone on the right side of the bus was indeed ogling at me! I decided ignore them all and pretend everything was OK by looking straight and prancing like a model in a rainy fashion show with the aim at doing a last glance at the entire bus and giving everybody a look that conveyed “what cha all lookin’ at, huh?”. I called it “right back at yah ” plan for not helping me at all. The seems solid right? But unfortunately, my body was not cooperative. So I had to hobble slowly but surely to a nearby convenience store to gather that was left of me that morning.

I noticed that something stung. Apparently, I have scratched my left knee and was sort of bleeding. The big problem was I have somehow managed to tear my slacks! “It just keeps getting better” was on my mind at that time as I was slowly started to feel the aches on my shoulder.

The best option for me would be to call it a day and head back home to lick my wounds (just a figure of speech) and mend my aches but I figured, I had to cross to get to the over pass to get to a bus to take me home. The obvious answer was “not for all the tea in China” (channeling A.Steele). I took a deep breath then took a bus that’ll take me to the office.

Thank fully I was able to survive that day in the office by moving rather geriatricly around and am still alive today.

-i started this post last October 4 and finished it just now


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