Blogging Design and Organization Know-how is NADA..

As far as I know, I have been blogging for almost 2 years now. Well, I’m not a blogger who produces articles everyday, but I’m pretty sure I have some posts of note..

Given this almost 2 years of blogging, I never really paid attention to how my blog is organized and how it looks. I never really bothered myself with widgets, advertisement, menus yadah yadah yadah because I primary blog to satiate my thirst for expression. So looks were the least of my concern. Heck, I never really cared about it. Period.

I migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress recently. Blogger was like a breeze really. I think I even earned some money through ads that were in my blog but I never knew how to get it (hmm, i must make a mental note to research on it. I could use the bucks). WordPress on the other hand is a bit more technical but better than Blogger in my opinion.

I was able to get a few posts already through WordPress thanks to it’s Black Berry application which I uberly love! Blogging almost anywhere I have Globe’s 3G signal and WIFI. Pretty awesome when I’m travelling! Now my “I-don’t-care-about-my-blog’s-look” attitude also carried over to my WordPress account. But having looked at the entire blog (it did look drab 😦 ), plus the fact that I have not been getting the usual readership that I had when I was in Blogger, I decided to organize things. Boy, it took me quite a while!

Widgets, menus, headers, themes, dashboard, categories, pages and so on and so forth were like little droplets of blood dripping off my nose from the lack of information in my head (fyi, nosebleed is an expression in the Philippines used when you have no idea of one thing or is overwhelmed by information). I may have OK writing skills but my blogging design execution is just NADA. If the nosebleed expression is true, I would have bled myself dry! That was the amount of information that I do not know about blog design and blog organization. LOL!

Try as I may, I think I somehow succeeded in “some” organization and design. It took me, ahm… Well, let’s just say that I’ve been up and working graveyard to get “some” of the things done. Well, I got distracted along the way(snickers with beautiful eyes. You all know how distracting the internet can be, right?). Add Bookie’s (my netbook) down arrow key, right arrow key, right shift key, period key and slash key malfunction to my volatile temper, I needed to hose it down with some music download or youtube video etc.

The new theme is very simple, as IN, but that is just the way that I prefer it to be. You’ll be able to check on the menus to see posts within the indicated categories (I’m not finished with all the categorization). I guess, I still have that “I-don’t-care-about-my-blog’s-look” attitude (well, what can I say? I’m stubborn as a bull).

My eyes are honestly droopy already from being up till almost the crack of dawn. I might not be cut out as a graveyard shift employee. So I’m going to finish the entire blog some other time.

Will try to look for a “Blogging Design and Organization for Dummies” online.

Flippin’ out!


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