Half a Day in Day Care

My darling niece, Cielle, is attending day care for months now. 2 months already if I remember correctly. And since here classes are later than our office hours, I never got to see her in school.

Well, I have that opportunity now.

It’s Saturday and I have no office during weekends and since nobody was available to accompany her, I’m here!

As far as I can remember, I did not attend day care. I think I went to nursery directly. I think. It was about 22 yrs ago so I don’t really remember much (oops, I guess I just revealed my age!). So I don’t know what the activities were but it should be basic right?

When we got to the day care, it was really nice..it’s just a small home with a big space inside that serves as their classroom. I guess there is shifting since they have several kids of different age groups. Well, the kids are just darn cute! My niece being the cutest (hahaha, what can I say??).

Cielle, at home, is a makulit! And I mean makulit. But seeing her in day care, it’s like she’s different! She’s actually disciplined. My word is just uh-mazing! Well, I guess the fact that she has other kids to play with plus a planned activity through the day, I guess it keeps her occupied. Plus she has these two great teachers who looks after her and everone else really well. They must have a bout a drum full of patience to keep their cool with these bundles of pure energy and joy.

Today, they’re practicing for their Linggo ng Wika program. Watching them practice on stage their songs and dances, its just a delight! I have to give props really to their teachers for organizing everything amidst all the bouncing and rowdiness and commotions everywhere. I wouldn’t cut it a pre school teacher really. I would have all the kids face the wall!hahahah.

Going back to the kids, did I say that they were cute and delightful? Hehehe. Well they really are. I can’t take nice pictures because I’m behnd the stage so all I see are backs. The cute thing is, the songs that they’re practicing, I know them all and have I think, performed to some of them also. I guess everyone goes to this stage.

The sweetest thing about this esperience is you are the spectator and you have this flash back of your time performing nursery rhymes. You agree right? I honestly thought I would be bored because I had to wait for 3 hours. It’s a good thing parents can watch the practice!


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