The Delights and Let-downs of Two Long Weekends

In sheer coincidence, the month of August resulted to 2 LONG weekends! YEY said all Filipino corporate slaves me included!

August 20(Monday), 21 (Tuesday) and 27 (Monday) were the declared holidays for the end of Ramadan for our Muslim brothers and sisters, Ninoy Aquino day, plus something about heroes. I didn’t bother with the last one ’cause we have 2 long weekends baby! I am very sure that people around the metro are jumping up and down at this thought of a few days off that they can either use to get much needed shut eye or bonding time with friends and family or a short vacay to nearby vacation oasis.

My longer long weekends was basically spent in bed due to lack of plans. I call it my “hibernation” mode. Well, basically I preferred it that way. My expense was only prepaid load for my internet access courtesy of Smartbro (thanks for that) as well us food munchies that kept my mouth busy while I wisk myself away to the unfathomable depths of the world wide web. Searching about Hanoi and cities nearby, listening to 90’s music, watching movies via live streaming, reading bits of news and info here and there, watching movies on the telly (this line is so british!) as well as jogging in the afternoon with the one and only Piolo, our Pomeranian dog. I also went out for a cup of tea (again, very british) and good laughs with my estrellas plus an hour massage in a spa. I was loving every minute of it during the first long weekend!

Now, it is the 2nd long weekend. I was excited because let’s just say that there weren’t so many actions going on in our office. I planned to do the same things again, the expense free ones that is, primarily because I have come to the “petsa de peligro” (literal translation: date of peril/danger). This means that the wallet is running on empty from all the spendings. Yup, I won’t he ashamed to admit it. The next pay day was at the end of the month still and I have not event a single cent of money to spare.

We all know that doing the same things again after just 3 days can lead to one thing: BOREDOM. I should have planned something differently. Well, the only difference was I had to take care of my darling niece for about one entire day. A test of patience and creativity indeed to entertain and understand a 3 year old kid with energy to the Nth level! Good thing I was able to make it through with origami, cooking and puzzles. On the down side the other days were just “nganga” (a term used to describe staring at the yonder beyond with open mouth doing nothing or not getting the results wanted).

Good thing, this Monday, August 27, I’m out with three of my friends. We had coffee. Now we’re having dinner. And we definitely have good laughs and good talks and a good time.

So I guess, the long week has it’s ups and downs. Rest and relaxation, good times with family and friends, regular dose of internet viewing, you can have it. The down side, you can get bored plus you have a lot of catching up to do at work. But hey, if you’ve been out of the office for a long time, you’d miss it. Not sure if it applies to all but maybe right.

If you had a boring weekend, you still have a few hours to turn it around. I say GO for it!


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