Migration to WordPress

You read that right!

As much as I want to retain my blogger account, i have to give it up (i think). The big switch is primarily because, i can’t properly access my blogger account via my BB.

Sucks right? Before, I can properly access it but because of some reason or change in the google group of of applications synchronization (what ever that means) rendered me incapable of accessing my blog. 

Well, I guess I’m not much of a loss

Word press, although a bit more technical, has an app for BB enabling me to blog from almost anywhere provided that i have an internet connection that is. But still very convenient for me. 

There’s not many posts yet but I promise there will be more soon! Cross my heart and hope to drop dead (LOL!).

Caio for now! (this has a ring to it... i might use it again...)

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