SM Southmall: New and Improved

SM Southmall was one of the pioneering malls south of Metro Manila. And now it might be the best one in my opinion.

I think that the SM Southmall opened when I was in highschool already, around 2002 I think (ahihihi). It was a pretty decent mall at that time. It has a movie house, department store, fashion boutiques, fast food joints, skating rink, fitness gym, mini theme park and arcade place. Well, more than decent, right?

The first time that I visited it, was… It was.. so long ago that I can even remember it.. Hahahahaha! Well, it wasn’t magical anyway.

The last time I was here was when I was still enrolled with Fitness First. Back then, almost half of the mall was closed down for renovation. Probably because of competion from other malls further down south. Or maybe it was just time for a major overhaul and boy was the standards raised!

There was a major organization of shops depending on its merchandise. Computers and gadgets were on one floor. Kids clothing and toy stores was on side. Derma, spa and dental services below the ground floor. Restos and coffee shops at the back. Fashion boutiques on one side with high end brands also present. A bigger department store. An even bigger supermarket. The mini theme park vanished and arcade areas dwindled. The skating rink was moved to the third floor. AND! This deserves a big AND! An IMAX theater! Way way beyond better than the before.

I read this renovation as a big move to be the premier mall South of Manila. And I believe it has achieved.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures to show. If I got your interest, please do pay a visit to SM South and see it for yourself. I’m sure you’ll like it!


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