10 Years From Now

10 years from Now
I have this set of friends whom I have known for more or less 7 years now. Yes, 7 years. I honestly just discovered it while I was making this entry. And I am just happy to say that we are, in the strong essence of the word, intact. We still have those get together dinner, movie nights, videoke sessions, coffee’ til the break of dawn, tennis games, road trip, overnight swimming and other forms of tambayan modes common to those of barkadas.
We were 16 all in all, composed of two sets of student leaders who  served the College of Business Administration of De La Salle University – Dasmariñas from 2005 to 2007. Right now, we are all working stiffs busy with our respective professional careers. Some have colourful lovelives, but majority are still single.
The first 8 was officially gathered inside a jeep in 7-11 in front of the main gate of DLSU-D around December 2004 bound for Naic, Cavite to undergo through leadership training and group deliberations under our political party. Afterwards, campaign started. We won as we had had no contenders and was followed by one entire year of student service: implementing projects (events, seminars, structures, and the likes) for the betterment of the College Business Administration students under one thrust: Service Oriented Leadership Initiating Development a.k.a. as SOLID (positive double meaning right?). Add one crucial person as our adviser to complete the mix total 9. We had our trials and triumphs during that year together. After the term ended, two graduated while the remaining six to finish their respective degrees. From the six, two rose to the University student council plus 1 from CBA. One has to focus on academics. The remaining 3 got re-elected after being joined by 5 new faces plus the same advisor totalling 9 again. Serving with a new thrust: Fuelled by Passion, Driven by Excellence, Gearing towards Quality Student Service(no acronyms but it says it all)   Now based on that statements, we have 15 (yes, that is the correct answer! Read again if you did not arrive at the same number). Although two have graduated and three are in the USC, there was still some form of connections that linked us still to each other. The 16thone from the roster of those supposed to be seated for SY 2007-2008 but due technicalities, was not proclaimed (if you were not able to follow, just email me so I can explain, OK?).
As with all students, there came a point where we all graduated and started work on our respective professional careers. After graduation, communications got blurry. I would know as I was most of the time, the event organizer of the group as was most probably never been absent in a get together. Two  went abroad: one for good and one who goes home twice a year but is in constant communication. One focused on family life. One had and still have issues. One busy with MBA. Two have busy schedules. So basically, the attendance is just about 50% of the original number more or less. They have valid reasons though but as the organizer, it’s somehow  frustrating to not get the entire 16 person set in one place at one time. We’ll I tried but maybe there are just people do come into your life then drift away after leaving an impact. That’s the way it is so goes Celine Dion’s song. Maybe it just is.
And yet again, one is leaving for abroad soon. As in soon. Alas, that’s the way it is. But I believe that the remaining 50% have established bonds that can’t be severed by distance. I strongly believe that.
During the part 2 despedida and birthday bash overnight swimming and videoke party, there was this moment where I just looked around and saw everybody happy and enjoying each other’s company. It would be best described as a panoramic sweeping picture depicting each of our faces either with a smile or a wide open mouth of a big laugh as we sit around in a circle by the munching on delish home-made brownies, left over liempo and a bag of cornik opened last month while playing People Connect (I just named it that). And, I couldn’t help but wonder, will we still be like this 10 years from now?
By that time, we’d be ranging from 34 to 37 years old. There is a big possibility that we’d look the same with minor variations like bigger tummy or bigger muscles, false teeth maybe, more gray hair otherwise hidden under color, some piercings or tattoos.  The remaining group of eight might grow to around 20 factoring in partners and children plus yayas (yes, there might be yayas). The venue might not be the same resort but on a private island or a hotel which one of us owns. There will be this big screen with  webcam where people from abroad or those who can’t be present can check in on the happenings and just be “there” although virtually. Food will most probably be the same comfort food that we are familiar with. Children would need to be in bed before the alcohol is brought out. The discussions would most probably by about business, politics, travels and so on and so forth. There would be most probably a lights out time to get some shut eye. After the over night, we would drive to our homes. No more walking out the streets and waiting for tricycles. The might not even be the text advise or BBM that would read “ just got home. Thanks for the time and see you soon..”. This practice is slowly fading away…
I had to stop my dream sequence right there and bring myself back to that moment where everybody was laughing and enjoying and said to myself, “Enough with dreaming of things that may or may not happen ‘cause you might miss precious moments of the now.”

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