flip floppin’ traveller

FINALLY! i got the guts to start up a travelling blog! <snaps for me>

why a travel blog you might ask? well basically, i have this dream of becoming a travel talk show host, where in i get to travel to different locations, sample food, experience culture, check-in to hotels and yadah yadah.. well this is still a dream that i am hoping i can fulfill. 

NOTE: calling all networks, local and international, if you are looking for a travel talk show host, i’m your guy right hear!

but as of now, i would have to satiate that dream with blogging. i have always been a fan of travelling and i have made and entry about it in my blog about the places that i would love to visit (011911 World Travel Show Host). I named 11 countries. Not a bad number but i’m pretty sure that the updated list is now about 25 countries. <big smile>

i honestly have been to a few places around the Philippines mainly for business trips and rarely for vacation and once out of the country to the land of the merlion and to the home of the asian twin towers. let’s just say that my full time job is not that flexible in terms of leaves and my wallet is limited. need i say more. but if i can, i will always travel.

all those trips had one thing in common, i had flip flops with me during leisurely walks around the  place where i am usually, after all the meetings are finished or almost all through out the trip. hence the name “flip floppin’ traveller”.

the name has a nice ring to it, i think. and flip flops are, in my opinion, is one of the most comfortable footwear to travel in. I particularly own a pair of size 9 red flip flops of a Pinoy brand called ” Beachwalk”. What better way to travel locally or internationally than with a footwear that is Pinoy right?

this blog will be about my travels within Philippines backyard and also abroad (there’s two for now but am praying that it would be more in the near future). It’ll be about the sights, the smells and the sounds of different locations that i have visited. I will try my best to share pictures as well after i get an DSLR camera hopefully in the near future (or if somebody would like to sponsor me). I will also give comment as well as recommend places to visit within the country/location and activities that you can do. The night life, i definitely try to comment also 🙂

so, if you’re itching to know where i’ve been and what did, keep on reading entries from me, the flip flopping traveller

(i’ll make the first entry soon, promise)


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