I come from a middle class family. By middle class, I mean we get by most of the times. We live in a small house in the city, originally with two rooms in which we added another one as our family grew in size (we got bigger in more ways than one, hehe) and in number..
I was OK with the set up of sharing rooms but as I have mentioned, we grew bigger as time went by and it is getting crowded at times particularly during the weekends where all six adults and one child have to share the space. I know it sounds that I am complaining (well, I actually am) but I have to work with what I have. That doesn’t mean that I stop dreaming of a day when I have my own room for those days that I don’t want to mingle with my family or just preferred to be alone. So I have always wondered how it would be like to have a room for myself.
We have lived at our place for about 20 plus years already. And it is already fully paid for. The house, no matter how small it was, was the only witness on our day to day lives. If it was alive, it can very well describe each one who lives in it, our personalities, our moods, our entire being,  and might add those that a few people can see.

My siblings and I have already graduated college and now working on our careers as professionals. Before, our entire money was spent on our education: tuition fees, allowances, dormitories and all that jazz.  Today, things are looking a bit up most of the times. We get by still.
At the latter part of the year, our next door neighbour put up a “for sale” sign on the door and our family was all eyes on it. My parents were able to negotiate with them on the prize, loaned it from the bank and viola, we now can occupy new space. I won’t say “own” yet since we are still pooling together resources to pay for the loan. Once we’ve paid it, I’ll blog it J. My dreams for a new room is within reach.
The former occupants left the house with no paint on the rooms so I was eager to help out in painting. We opted to do it ourselves than hire a painter as it’s more practical. It took us about three or four Saturdays to complete the necessary painting in the new space. But there is still a lot of things to do after that like tiling the floors, changing some doors and making a hole in a wall for accessibility. Well, we are taking it one step at a time since the renovations would entail, well, more money.
The good thing is, I have a space for myself in the new house!  Yey! After, 25 year of existence, a dream is somewhat fulfilled. By somewhat, I mean, I still need to give the space up if we have guest. So, I return to the top bunk of a double deck in a room I shared with my brother once in a while. But, occasions like that are rare.
Here are some pics of the room:

I want to buy a cabinet, table, TV, mirror, and perhaps a painting. Though I’m holding back because there is no final plan yet as to what will happen in the house. Even though it’s not officially mine, I’m just happy to have a place I can call “room”.

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