Solo Flight

My time alone is really a valuable moment for me. Sitting by myself or eating or sipping a cup of tea or frappe.

But this time it feels weird for what so ever reason. Maybe because I’m not in my usual haunting places where there are far less people around. I’m currently at a mall in Manila within an over looking view of the famous Manila Bay where families couples and groups of friends gather to spend bonding moments. I feel as if I’m the only person who chose to go by himself here. Making me feel stupid. Specially seeing people around looking at me as if I’m some pitiful person who no one would like to hang around with. Or I’m just being paranoid about the stares..Maybe right? I don’t want to be assuming.

The confines of my shared room is my normal haunting place. The down side and plus side is that I can’t smoke. The next place would be a coffee shop just 5 minutes away by jeep from our place. Far less people there. Just the way i like it. Where people mind their own ways mostly with a book or with a laptop or just staring out to empty place lost in thought.

Since this is somewhat of a change for me. I enjoy watching the comings and goings of different people. And it’s a but fun really. There a couple to my right and my back,a Korean family to the table on my left, a bunch of maritime male students to my far left, a group of rowdy boys to my far right. 

I think of people watching as a movie with real people going about their day to day life. with a 360 degree screen. It’s nice to see people bonding and relaxing in their own little way. No scripts, no cameras, just themselves with every bit of their being..

It’s amazing to watch and wonder what they are conversing about, what they are going through. Well, my guess would be a good as yours. The story lines are endless. There is probably how film writers and play rights go to to be inspired to write their masterpieces. 

One of my things to do is actually write a book. On what topic, I still have to figure that out. As I’ve said, the story lines are endless. And the book writing process takes a while. We’ll see if this would turn out to be one that I accomplish or one that would remain on my list. I hope to cross it out but I’m not in a hurry.

Now back to me, I came here to be alone to relax. Well, I actually came here to work, To check on stocks and pricing the be reported back to the office tomorrow.Well, the store visits can wait as I am still enjoying myself.

As the saying goes, no man is an island. Don’t get me wrong. I like my fair share of company too. But iff by some twisted reality where I end up being alone, it might take a long time before I completely loose myself and start talking to inanimate objects. All I’m saying is a good time alone is good your your being.


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