123111 2012

(this entry is supposed to have been posted on 12/31/11 but it was not finished)
Today is the last day of 2011. I think this is the best day to evaluate the year that will be passing.
2011 for me was a mix of happiness, fun, laughter with ample heaps of challenges, a breaking point, a depression stage (yes, this is not for the rich also, it affects all). Generally, it was a tough year. Am not sure if it is because of my Chinese astrological sign (Tiger) or if it was self inflicted. I think it boils more to the later don’t you think? But either way , i was still able to make it through the year. That’s the most important part.
There are a lot of things to be thankful for during 2011. I think there are a lot more to be thankful for during the year that passed. DEFINITELY! Now don’t let me enumerate them all or it would take forever! Hahahah (I might end up waking up late this tardy for work which i DON’T want to happen)
The challenges were really tough. Mainly because of my own doing, I think. I honestly thought i was about to lose my job at one point followed by a depression period which come to think of it, happened also at the same period last 2010. So it might just be a bad coping mechanism that i have that leaves me in a moment that i don’t want to be. Well, at least now , it has been identified and must dedicate time to fix it. Financially, there were improvements but (another self inflicted thing) i bit more that i can chew. Me counting my chicks before they actually have. I have to stop there because i could go on forever.
I have actually made a list of things that i should be thankful for, challenges that i faced and more importantly the things that i need to improve on (this particular one, is a LONG one!). Well, i guess you would have figured it out why the “things to improve” list is a long one. It’s because most of the challenges that i encountered were self inflicted (I guess, I’m a masochist!). And i want to break that for this year which coincides with the Year of the Water Dragon which mean changes.
What is in store for me this 2012? I would never know! (duh) But if i was self inflict negative stuff, why not inflict the GOOD stuff right? So i guess, no matter what your astrological sign is or what you believe in, your future is always in your hands. It is just a cycle of leveraging on success, learning from failures and believing that there is always something BETTER to look forward to each and everyday.

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