I was finally able to get one of the things that I wanted, a Black Berry..

I have been dreaming of holding one for a while now and finally I have “BB”.. Haha, me any my habit of naming innanimate objects.. Like I say, to each their own right?

Owning a BB was on my list before the year ends. Actually, I have purposely allocated my 13th month pay for one. Planning to buy my own handset and use my prepaid sim but a good friend told me to get a line instead. Doing the math, I knew that getting the plan would get me all the features that I need with cashing out that much.

The service provider that I am currently using had a promo for only 599 covering the BBM and mobile internet 24/7.. Sound good right? But I figured, what about texting and calling. Well, 599 was what I can afford so I said why not.

I was at a service provider’s shop and inquired. Got the form and would return the folloing day to submit the requirements and pay the needed amount. I submitted the requirements and was informed that the model needed was unavailable and that I had to wait for a week or so. That was not happening! The attendant told me that the plan 999 model was available. It didn’t take long for me to be convinced (it’s just like a snap. Me=gullible)

So with the power of my credit card (which I swear I will cut in two someday, YES, someday) I walked away that night with “BB”.

BB’s purchase was the last item that I will buy for myself..

Well, I hope I can keep that promise


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