Here I was minding my own business. Surfing the net. Checking my email. Tweeting. Changing my FB status. I even had time to watch a few videos in YouTube particularly the one of Sen. Miriam Santiago’s video where she is was delivering a very funny and entertaining opening for her speech in the University of the Philippines (which was very very funny indeed, you should check it out).
And then I did some searching via Google of something random.
Then I found myself on Cebu Pacific’s web page. A local airline that offers local and SEA flights to near by countries.
How did that happen, I don’t know. Honestly.
I have been wanting, well actually targeting to have my passport stamped at least once a year until it expires. One year has passed  already.. FAIL
Me, mysteriously landing on the airline’s page was I think a sign for me to get it over with.
Singapore was first on my target. And want my travel to be on the date of my birth.
I looked for possible flights. I saw some promo ones, PHP 1699 one way. So, PHP 3398 round trip. “Not bad..”, I told myself. Since I would be travelling 7 months ahead of time, so I would have ample time to save up money to pay for the flight and procure the money for my leisurely spending. I knew you needed a credit card to seal the deal. Fortunately, I received mine two month ago. I said to myself “THIS IS IT PANSIT” (pansit, is tagalong I think for stir fried noodles. The saying does not actually mean something. It just rhymes). Again I thought it was cheap. I clicked next. Mind you, I have never booked a flight EVER! So I was de-virginized . Going back, I selected the date, (May 16 to May 19), clicked the promo flight bit. I entered by details, baggage cost, and other stuff needed. I was really easy and actually enjoyable that I neglected looking at the total bill. It was now up to 6,000 plus! I considered a bit but said “what the heck!”, I entered my credit card details and clicked OK, and VIOLA!
I have a booking!
It has been  Monday since the booking and I have been thinking of what to do in Singapore and places to visit and food to eat. Well, let’s just say that I’m really really really excite about this trip as this would be my first travel abroad EVER! So it doesn’t matter if I go by myself. Well, the truth is, I have friends in SG who can give me a tour. But meeting new people would be absolutely nice too! So for now, I need to save up.

And if your in Singapore or planning to go too on the same date, see you soon. (hehehe)

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