When we say classified, we mean secret, confidential, private. Ad on the other hand is a.k.a advertisement/ public announcement. (thanks Office Word synonyms, bill gates you’re such a genius!)
Well have you heard of classified ads? In new papers most probably right? The first source of general information and news which almost everybody reads from almost cover to cover.  
So if classified is synonymous with secret and ads are public announcements, therefore a classified ad is publicly announcing a secret, correct? Then it might be a good means to go OUT! Divulge your secret! More like LETTER VOMIT! hHAHAHAHAH.
This entry is not a vocabulary lesson..
I have had received textmates (mates who always communicate with you through text messages) saying that they got my number from a classified ad in a website in the internet (which I never did!). It always started with a “Hi” or an “ASL” or a missed call. Whenever I get these messages, I don’t answer right away. I might be busy or I didn’t want to be bothered. But whenever I do answer, (yes, I am not that mean to totally ignore, well almost…hahahahaha),I always get the same questions aside from ASL. “what’s your FB?” or “what do you look like?” or blah blah blah and so on and so forth. I would answer them to the best I can and ask them also, “where did you get my number?”  they would be say they found it online ALWAYS. My next question is always, “what website?” they say “OLX”. Then there would be some exchanges but often I somehow get bored and end up ignoring their text messages (being a meanie is innate in everyone?!?<big smile> )
I was intrigued by the idea that my number was posted in a website on the internet that can be seen by anyone. I was a bit scared but didn’t mind it at all and proceeded on with my life with an occasional text from here and there.
Earlier this August, I had an idea. A EUREKA moment if you may. I looked for (yes, i didn’t bother at all to check the said site since hearing it). It was a classified ads web site containing thousands, maybe millions or even billions of ads for this and that and anything under the sun. This included people posting ads looking for other people. Not LOST people ha! (this is supposed to be in the lost and found section! Hahahahah kidding!) But people looking for other people (you know what i mean, uhumm<nodding>) Are we on the same page now?
I looked through the site and saw that I can post my own ad for FREE! This is the EUREKA moment. I made a post with me looking for someone <wink wink> with these words “i’m looking for someone, not sure who but it could be you, so if you fit, we might just be a hit“(o db?can this be considered sales talk??) plus a picture of me with my biggest smile (yes, i have a good smile). I was actually pessimistically thinking that there would be no reply to that ad since i know there are a lot of ads and just what are the chances, right?  I was wrong.
I was actually surprised to see posts saying “let’s  be friends. Here’s my number _____” and “check me out on fb <email address>. There was even one like this “professional massage <blah blah blah>”. These were just some about 15 plus replies. It does work amazingly. I was actually thinking that there would be no responses at all but I was wrong.
The next thing that I did was actually to check out the Facebook pages of the people who posted. Some looked nice, others were OK and majority were.. would i say this.. MABAIT sila, as in MABAIT., hahahaahahaha (did you get it??, I’m sure you would be still laughing at this point if you got it).
In every experiment, there are supposed to be conclusions to be made. Here are mine on this “classified” experiment:
1.      1. The internet is a good way to meet people
2.      2.  Internet classified ads can have result and responses
3.      3.  The people who responds are not always the people whom you would like to have responded
4.     4.   Some identities  that you meet over the internet might not be what their profile says. So BE CAREFUL at all times
5.     5.  There are a lot of people looking for other people over the internet.
6.      6.  A few chosen words can be more enticing to read than an entire paragraph (marketero!). Add an amazing picture then you have a good ad.
7.       7. Some people are just plain weird. And mean at times.
I’m not sure if the abovementioned conclusions made sense to you but hey, it’s mine.
You might be wondering if there are still people who comment on the ad that I made, I not sure.. I didn’t bother to check anymore. Did I found friends through this experiment? Maybe .. Did I find what I was looking for? No, it was just an experiment.. Besides I have high standards. Yes, AKO NA ANG CHOOSY! hahahaha

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