Birds eye view

I am currently on a plane bound for davao as i am making this entry. The flight was a bit delayed and turbulence occurs here and there. It would be my first time to go to davao and i hope they have properly designated smoking areas there.. GOSH we need those in makati
This is my 3rd out of town trip for this year and i pray that there would be more coming soon (sana talaga). and fortunately i got dibs on the window seat or more like i took over my officemate’s seat.. hahaha..
The view from the window is just simply breath taking. White clouds, blue see, green islands.. really amazing. I have seen some white sand beaches also. I took a mental note to count but i lost it. Hehehe. I even saw a cruise liners below speeding away. I could have sworn i saw a UFO along the way and a few kids waving at the plane.. hahaha just kidding.
The islands the we passed over were just amazing! White sand beaches of some were just sand bars lost in sea. I might consider jumping off the plane just to get there. I’m sure i would enjoy it more than what awaits me in davao. Or maybe it would be too early to say. Let’s see..
I would have loved to take pictures but i think the cabin crew would throw me off the place if i pulled out my mobile turned it on and took a shot. Although the experience of being thrown off the plane would be exhilarating, i’d rather not.
This is the longest flight that i have ever had. Sleep would be an amazing option but i can’t. My ear drums might burst. So i just decided to open up lappy and type along what ever comes to mind.

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