How I Became Friends with the Toilet?! WTF?!!

A few minutes passed after 6:30 am June 18, 2011, “Kuya, should I quit drinking?” I asked the taxi driver. The driver chuckled then replied, “OK lang yan . Kelangan din ng katawan natin ng alak (It’s OK. Our bodies also need alcohol)”. I smiled. The man had a point.
June 17, 2011 past 6:00 pm: Our table was just served 4 Kamikaze at Spicy Fingers, Greenbelt 3. I immediately loved concoction! I know I’ve had Kamikaze before but never that good. Plus I was with really good company who consists of what I consider “my boys”. By that I mean, guys from the office who surprisingly I get along with comfortably. That is rare. Plus one of my boys girl. 5 all in all but we were still waiting for 3 more to join us from the office.  Another round of Kamikaze zoomed to our table plus one Filipino platter (dilis, longganisa, tocino, tapa, green mango salad: YUM!). My ears were starting to turn red, the first indicator of having too much alcohol in my system. We ordered a pitcher of Kamikaze to get discounts before the happy hour ends. Another Kamikaze for me. We ran out of smokes so I volunteered to buy plus get medicine for a friend. We were able to successfully buy both with the exception of me dropping coins (OOPSIE J). We got back to Spicy Fingers, to find the additional 3 people were there already. They were planning to go to a place in Ortigas, Pasig but the plan didn’t push through. So one of my boys offered their place and all systems were go. We waited for 2 additional girls to join us but ended up being joined by just one. Another Kamikaze for me. By this time I was surprisingly OK still. So I thought.
We got to one of by boy’s place and of course smoked a few sticks. I need to take a break and bring down the alcohol level. We played a familiar arcade game first then videoke as usual. Then the 2nd batch arrived. There was rum and coke available. Since we were singing, I had the mic obviously while trying to down 2 shots of rum chased by cola. They took the mic from me already, so I chatted around. I was handed a glass of the bar with pineapple juice. I remember talking with my new friend about girl stuff (yes! We don’t kiss and tell!<wink,wink>) I think I was still able down that drink.
This is where it started to get hazy. I stood up to smoke. Finished one stick. I know I was handed one drink which I think was something red and good. Took a few gulps. I knew I had to tinker belle so I went for it. Then BOOM! I slammed through the front cabinet <OOPSIE>. Eventually found myself in the bathroom but with my head down and this would better explain what happens:
me and the toilet

me done talking with the toilet

So I now know how I became best friend with the toilet. I remember being brought up to the couch when I finished taking with the toilet. Then to a bed after a few minutes. When I woke up, it was morning. Fortunately, there were still friends with me in the rooms. We washed up a bit and got ready to leave. My new friend was able to meet us we said our good byes and thanks yous and we were off.
Now why am I sharing this embarrassing moment? It’s not that I want to humiliate myself… It’s just to remind me that I was and felt alive at one moment J

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