042411 life realizations

The reason why people don’t like to have dull and boring moments is because it is in these moments that we get to reflect on life: what we are doing with our lives, where are we in our life’s journey, and why are we here. Since the brain is the only organ in the human body that never stops working (except when you’re dead), it always works even when we do nothing.
This past long week end, I have had my fair share of boredom having nothing much to do since we were just stayed home most of the time.  I joined my mother for a procession last Friday which was a bit more of an exercise than a religious experience. Our family only went out last Saturday for a day under the sun with a hoard of other vacationers who went to hot springs. Yup, I may have not satiated my want to go to a beach. But I wouldn’t trade it for family bonding time, even it was just a public swimming pool.
I realized the following though:
1.       There are a lot of religious people still in the county.
I have always thought that religion is essential for every person for something to cling on during difficult times.
When I attended a procession last Friday, it was like Divisoria! FYI, Divisoria is a place in Manila where you can buy stuff from school supplies to wedding decors at a bargain that is if you buy in bulk. There were so many people! The term I would use would be “bumper to bumper” because it was like traffic. People would move with the statues then stop then move again. Although the procession started out with a lot of people, the numbers dwindled even before the procession ended at the church again. Well to each their own. I just depends on how you define faith.
2.       There are still cynical individuals among the faithful
I am included in this. I am somewhat a cynic when it come to traditions of the Catholic Church. Yes I believe in God but not all the traditions. For all we know, some of these traditions are just made up and are not necessary to be “saved” or to be classified as “faithful”. For me, so long as you believe and do your best to live a good life, that would be enough. Well, again, to each their own.
3.       It is all a matter of PERSPECTIVE
Whatever happens to you in your life has both positive and negative things. What matters is how you look at it. Though it would be better to look at both sides of the coin, but don’t dwell too much on the negative. You should see the negative as opportunities to make your life better. My life was on edge last April, and it was really taking a toll on me but I just thought, whatever happens, I’ll learn from the mistake and never do it again and look forward to a better tomorrow. Oops, I forgot.. AND WORLD PEACE (HAHAHAHA)
I know these realizations are few for the entire long weekend (toinks!) but I got distracted along the way.. HAHAHA.. Who wouldn’t take advantage of a time off from work and do stuff like watch movies on tv (thank god for cable TV, numerous channels to choose!), and a bit of loner time and bonding moments with family and sleep and internet and so on an so forth. This happens only a few instances in a year. So GOGOGOGOGO!
Happy Easter all! I’m going to look for the Easter bunny and ask it, “what is your significance in Easter? I really don’t get it..”

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