Kilig moments

Ah yes! Kilig moments… Kilig is a Filipino word that I’m not sure if there is an English equivalent. I guess kilig can be high level of sweetness or cheesiness. If you’re Filipino, please help me finding the correct word.
I’m pretty sure that we all have our fair share of kilig moments with our crushes, ex-es , partners, and whatever your terms of endearment maybe. Right?? Am I psychic-ly seeing a smile on my reader’s face?  This is really something that can make people smile no matter what they are going through. J
The inspiration for this entry was a video posted by my friend for her friend in Facebook called “Love Language”. It was about this boy and a girl who met on a park bench. The guy made a move by asking the about how nice the day was (uhmhm, typical boy move!) but since the girl had ear phones on didn’t bother to make any comment. 2nd day was the boy waiting for the girl to arrive. When she did and since she still have earphones, the boy tried to engage her into a conversation using post-its! GENIUS right??! They ended up spending the entire conversation using post-its and agreeing to meet the following day. 3rd day, boy was there, girl enters with earphones still on bringing her own post-its. The usual conversation transpires. Then the girl offers the guy to listen to what she was listening to. Boy was surprised that there was no music followed by the girl signing she was deaf. The video ended with the boy passing the girl a post-it that reads, “you’re still beautiful.”. I died(channelling Rachel Zoe, hahahaha)! Super KILIG!. The video was by Jubilee Project, an organization that assists deaf people.
Check it out in YOUtube by searching “Love Language”. You’ll smile too for sure. J
I hope with me backtracking the inspiration for this entry has given you an idea of what KILIG means. If you still don’t, just read on OK? <beautiful eyes>
Believe it or not, I do have a few kilig moments myself.  And here they are:
1.       I was in resort for our college’s year end celebration and I have a textmate then. I was night already and we were already in our rooms, we were texting about how we would tickle each other. My text mate texted that would tickle like a parent would tickle a baby by blowing at my belly button and making raspberry sounds.
2.       Again in a resort with friends. After almost a whole day fun filled activities, I was exhausted! So I decided to clean up and lie down on a bench  and try to rest. After a few minutes, I open my eyes to see my crush hovering over me and flashing me with his great big smile. It was like a spiderman and mary jane (I blanked out for a second there and can’t recall her name hahaha) moment where spiderman was dangling from his web with mary jane kissing him upside down.
3.       I was looking for our adviser to have her sign some of our project proposal and I was accompanied by one of our college’s volleyball player. I was not sure was on a bad mood on that day (PMS maybe, hahahaha) or  I was playing mean. I was not talking and not even looking at my companion. I found our adviser gave her the papers. Then all a sudden was hugged from behind and found myself swept off my feet by my companion with a whisper “bakit hindi mo ako pinapansin?(why are you not looking at me?)” with my adviser just saying “Kelangan may ganun?(i can’t translate it to English, sorry)”
4.       I was an irregular student for a physics class that was my last class for the day. I stuck with another irregular who happen to be from the same college as me and lucky passed all my criteria.  On our first day of classes, we were seatmates, looked at each other and smiled. The next thing I know, we ended up having heavy snacks every after class.
5.       We had a late night practice for our Sabayang Pagbigkas. This was an inter-level completion so we were all third years. After an hour of practice, we were exhausted. We were all joking around in a mild manner. We were face to face with each other. Then there was “Tabi ka nga sakin(sit next to me).” Next thing I know, we were sitting next to each other, hand in hand.
6.       It was our baccalaureate mass and pre-graduation celebration. I was singing in the program so we had to do a little practice during the show and because of that, I was not able to receive my award for CONGENIALITY. After the program, I was approached by number 5 asking if I would like to go to their place to hang out. We would be alone.
7.       It was a Friday night and you know what that means, ALCOHOL! We used to go to this place about 4 blocks away from our office to drink. And I normally get asked to sing. I did my thing and another person was called to sing. All of a sudden, other people were asking us to sing together. Everything in the check list was CHECKED. We sang a song while holding hands and I ended up getting a kiss. People cheered.
8.       I arrived early in the office and since it was not my official time, I went down our building to by my breakfast, a cup of Energen, and smoke. I was a not in a good mood that day so I had my music on with one ear phone down. Music and nicotine was not working as I wanted it to. I then hear a “good morning”. I didn’t bother to look because it might not be for me. But there was a other “good morning”. I again didn’t bother. The next “good morning” was a bit louder and with a “girl”. I know it would be rude not to look. The good morning came from the newbie who has all the checks, bearing a big smile. Surprisingly, my mood changed.
To be honest, I’m a bit pink right now because of blood rushing through my face from remembering all of these stuff.
Having looked back at everything, I can say I have taken the first bite from several apples but never got to finish them. Oh well. I least I take bites. J

Can you do me a favour though? Please choose one KILIG moment that you really like by making a comment. You can make one even if you don’t have a Google account. Thanks 🙂


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