040311_the princess’ story

During my college days when I was about to finish college, I made a story and it goes like this:
Once there was a beautiful princess who was feeling lonely by herself in her chamber. She missed her friends: her fairy godmother, the pixie princess, the gentle giantess, the famous singer, the funny jester, the beautiful muse, the well known dancer, the sorcerer’s apprentice, the knight in training, and the handsome prince.
A tear rolled down her eyes as she knows that they will soon got their separate ways to pursue their own dreams and their destinies. A gentle breeze approached her and said, “why are you crying my dear?”. The princess replied, “I miss my friends..”.
The gentle breeze brushed the tear from her face and said, “Don’t worry my dear. Do you see the moon and the stars?”. “Yes.”, she replied. “Always remember that where ever they are in this world, you share the same sky. And they can see the moon and stars as well.”, said the breeze.
The princess then smiled and was never lonely again.
OK. The story might have changed a bit particularly the last part but I think I got the main story line.  Hehehehe.
Having looked back at this story, my dream of writing a book was awakened. Although this storyline would be a bit “for the kids” and a little cheesy, I still think that this is a good start. I would have to look for a good illustrator and a publishing company first before I can completely put a check on that box.
Hope you enjoyed it! J

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