my life so far

They say that there is always a magical moment that happens to you everyday. Yes this might be true but I am not sure if this happens to me everyday..
Based on my opinion I live pretty much a regular normal and sometimes boring life. On a weekday, I get up, dress eat then travel to the office using public transport, walk to our office, work, eat lunch, work again, prepare to head home, travel home again using public transport, settle at home, eat dinner, watch TV, then sleep to repeat everything again until Friday. On some Fridays, when my wallet would permit me, I could go to different places, drink alcohol, sometimes get drunk. My weekends are just about the same but I normally stay indoors, watch TV, eat, watch more TV, take care of my niece, watch TV again then sleep. On some occasions, I spend hours finishing a venti hot tee at Starbucks by myself like this instance. See pretty normal. Almost routinary with  little tweeks from time to time.
Although I did not realize this just now. I have come to accept that this is my life and that I am completely OK with it. But there are times that I would have liked it another way. For example, travelling on a week end to some exotic place for R and R. Or go abroad for some adventure. Or spend time with friends. But that is not just the case. I know that there is always an option for me to do that but some factors are limited like financial stuff. But sometimes, I guess, I’m just not in the mood for those kinds of stuff. I prefer to be alone most of the time specially on a week ends. I enjoy movies by myself and going to places by myself also. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a hermit and prefer human interaction from time to time. I guess I am not that open to a lot of people. And like everyone less, treasures alone time. Well may be I prefer it more than others. In my days of visiting Starbucks, I rarely see a person having coffee on their own. They always have company. Well, their choice and my choice. Period.
You might wonder, what about my love life? There is always spice when you have love life. Chilis, sugars, bitter flavouring(I am not sure if there is a spice for bitterness), soy sauce, vinegar and so on and so forth. The list is endless.  Well, it is zero (hahaha) and I don’t care at all. Yes there are moments in life when you would like to have someone by your side. But I have survived for 24 years and counting as a single person and it have been OK. So am not in any hurry to have someone. Maybe I’ll panic a bit if I am still single at the age of 50. 26 years to go then.. But am still optimistic. J
I’m not sure if there is someone out there who would like the same lifestyle that I lead. These would be people who have no tome for themselves anymore, I guess. Is there such a person? If ever I meet some one like that I would still not trade my life for his/hers. Well maybe for a “hers” (hahahahaha).
What can you say about my life? Somewhat boring right? I can still say that my life is pretty much OK looking than others. But all I can say is, there is something magical indeed that happens to me every single day: I still wake up every morning and at times later in the day. That is indeed MAGIC!

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