030511 Rain!

Rain! Glorious RAIN!

although i like the song,”Walking on Sunshine”, i still prefer my fair share of rain!

i can’t remember my affinity with rain. may be i was born under an earth element sign Taurus or its just something that no longer needs to be explained.

when ever it rains it feel really good. from a business seminar that i joined to, they say that rain has anions that are supposed to make us feel good. also, rain brings in cold which is another thing that i really like. it also gives me this relaxed feeling that makes me want more rain. that it should not end. that might not be a good thing to wish for because i don’t want a repeat of flooding from the strongest rain storm our country had where it caused landslides and floods that led to people being stranded and dead. too much of the good stuff is indeed to much.

but on a day like this, where it is just drizzling, no strong winds.. it’s just good. add a cup of something hot, whether coffee, tea or soup, it will turn out to be great. then go out to get soaked in the rain, then it would be just perfect! hehehe.

when i was a kid, i used to get out and get soaked  and play in the rain. my parents would allow me if it was really raing hard otherwise, they would say “you’ll get yourself a bad cold”..and i sure missed those days. twas really a liberating thing! i remember running in the rain then faceplanting myself to slide across the s. then standing up to see scratched knees and legs plus a tear on my shorts.. hahahah..and i’ll have a hot bath afterwards..ah, those were the days..carefree right? as i grew, it just the habit died away. though i would like to get drenched still but that would be just weird if i was in by business attire looking all corporate but wet.. it just won’t do.. heheh

now a days, i still appreciate the rain although indoors or with a roof above my head. but would appreciate a day to relive the good old days to get my self wet with rain..


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