030311 After a Long While

It has been a long time since I last blog. If you have been a reader of mine you would know that i normally have a new entry once a week. But I have slipped. I feel like a sober addict that just took a substance just out of the blue. Maybe am just getting into Biography channel’s “Intervention” show where addicts share a part of their life.
Since I had time this week, I thought a topic would come like a breeze. But it is not coming! As in “nadah”. I’m not even sure if that’s a word there you go: “NADAH”. Normally when I write, I do it on a Saturday afternoon at a the nearest Starbucks from our house, with a Venti hot camomile tea plus about 5 to 8 sticks of nicotine. And after about 3 to 5 hours, when I have finished my tea or it has gone cold, VIOLA! I am about to post my entry online.
For the past week I am not sure if I didn’t have time or just didn’t have the inspiration or didn’t have anything to write about. I couldn’t help but wonder<channelling Carrie Bradshaw again>
Is it really possible to run out of things to write about??
Hmmm.. <thinking>
<more thinking>
<still thinking>
I think it is IMPOSSIBLE to run out of things to write about. There are so many  things under the sun to write about! Not to mention the things around the sun and where the sun don’t shine. So all in all, there are about a SUPER DUPER OVER MEGA MAJOR MAJOR GAZILLION things to write/ discuss about. Me expressing my lack of topic or inspiration per se is already something to talk about! <duh> Silly me thinking (quite long perhaps) that there is a possibility to run out of things to write <scoffs>.
Then what was it? The reason of why I still have no entry for a week.
Hmmm..<no, thinking would not take that long> I was busy for the past weekend. A couple of Saturdays ago, I was with new friends and I mean new. As in “JUST MET” new and I got drunk. And, I’m pretty sure that you know what happens when I get drunk. I won’t say it because it is always a disgusting thing. You get it?? If not, I recommend you drink till you almost drop and then look down for a couple of minutes then you would know what it would be like. (UH HMM) <head movement from side to side>. The following Saturday, I played badminton! YEY! As in YEY! It has been a while since I played and I have been declining several offers already from an old friend from the “JUST MET” group. So I said yes to his next invitation. Who wouldn’t after an embarrassing incident? It was A LOT of FUN though! I got to work my muscles that already have cobwebs around it. The body aches that lasted for 2 to 3 days was all worth it.
Time was indeed the perpetrator of the lack of entries. I think.
Just have to make time for it in order to not find it hard to start again.
As they say, a well oiled machine is GREASY! <PAK!> Hahahahah

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