021111 “nega” week

This week might have been the most draining week for me ever!
As always , life in sales is a stressful one. There is s daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly pressure to meet, no, to over achieve targets. Meaning to say, there is and always will be PRESSURE. I am not sure if this is applicable to all types of work. But I’m sure you would agree with me that this is something that we all can manage though sometimes it’s just too much to handle. Right?
Coming into this month with additional pressure for not meeting last month’s target is tough. It’s felt like, you were supposed to  set a stone down already  but ended up getting a bigger stone  to carry. <Sighs> This was like a weight that pulled me down from cloud “eight” (don’t want to use “nine” because I don’t know why there is a cloud “nine” but not a cloud “eight”..WALANG BASAGAN NG TRIP! Hahaha) back to the reality that is my job.
That was where it hit me hard and I mean hard because I just got promoted last week! And not being able to get orders is just freakin’ FRUSTRATING. My frustration led to me doubting myself and  blah blah blah.. I just can’t express it in words how frustrated I am at the moment. But i guess what my throat can’t vocalize, my skin can show! Urgh! I am having a pimple attack that is the worse one that I have had in my life. Before, I just get one pimple at a time and now, i have freakin’ 5. <bleep> <sighs> This might be from the stress that I’m going through. I have somehow asked myself, “is this my midlife crisis??!” I hope not since that would mean I will die by the age of 48! WAH!!!
The weird thing though is I was able to last more than 2 years of pressure and stress. And I am still at it! I tried to look back on the past 2 years of experience that I’ve had and found that I have had the same episode once a year. How quickly time flies by that I don’t even notice me having an “annual midlife crisis”(right?!?) for the past two years. I may just be overly dramatic right?
In my defence, I think it is but normal to have moments like this where you feel so “nega” (negative). The good thing about this is it is a reality check that it allows us to evaluate ourselves: what we did?; what works and what doesn’t; what do we need to improve one; why did this happen; is it just me or something else; and a bunch of other stuff. This might lead to clarity or doubt. In my case, it was doubt. And it was not a good feeling.
I knew I had to get it out of my system. Get the good vibes back. But how do you do that? Smoke pot? Just kidding. The best thing to do might be to acknowledge it, share the feeling  and deal with it the best way you can. I think it would be impossible to rush the good vibes back. But I think smiling would help a lot and surrounding yourself with positivity. I don’t mean surrounding yourself with flowers and bears and butterflies. That is gay not positive..I would know gay <wink wink>. I guess each one of us has our own coping mechanisms.
Would you look at that? Something positive can come from a negative. It’s just a matter of which angle you are looking at it.

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