020511 personal discretion

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, beliefs, theories, disposition, likes and dislikes, and so on and so forth. This is the definition of being free.
But the question is are we all really free??
There are rules, laws and regulations that we need to conform to limiting all the we want to do.
Let me share a personal story. Since I am a smoker, I need to comply with the laws of the land where I am. For instance, the Philippines has a no smoking policy in public transportation. Violation of this can lead to you pay a fine, community service or worse, 3 days in jail. I was so freaked out when I was caught.
This happened 2 years ago. I normally ride at the front of the jeep next to the driver and I smoke. I knew then that the government, being concerned to their citizen <eyes rolling> announced and publicized the campaign against smoking in public place since smoking is dangerous for one’s health and even more dangerous for others who inhale 2nd hand smoke.  So there I was half way to finishing my smoke when all of a sudden a police man suddenly stopped the jeepney and asked me to step down from the vehicle. I was super shocked and made a mental run down of what I did wrong .
I was a bit shocked to be brought in a police station. I am a law abiding citizen! What did I do wrong??! The policeman then told me that it was illegal to smoke in public utility vehicle (dendendenden)<imagine this was a sound effect used in movies so reveal something shocking, hahaha> and since i was caught red handed, i needed to do choose between the following options: 1.) go to jail for one day (HORROR! This is not an option for me!); 2.) community service (still not an option, cleaning the streets plus attending early morning flag raising ceremonies for a week. I already have bad skin. No need to darken it with the sun and tarnish it more because of lack of sleep); 3.) pay a fine (seems like the most viable option but i was poorer then than now. So, it’s still a no.). I choose nothing!<evil laugh>. I then knew what I had to do. I said to the police officer with puppy dog eyes that I promise to NEVER do it again and would be a model citizen from now on. A little white lie wouldn’t hurt right. But he was not letting me go off that easy. He asked for an amount which thankfully I can pay but it was big! So I exited through the back door and handed the bribe money to the guy by the door and went my merry way.
So much for fuelling corruption. Again GUILTY as charged with regret (promise!). May be that’s why our country is dubbed as one of the most corrupt in the entire world. The main reason is because not all is willing to take responsibility for their actions.
Which brings me back personal discretion. Yes we have our own disposition but we must exercise it with care. Rules are placed to give order, to maintain peace and to equalize everyone’s right to freedom.
Freedom is a earned and not a privilege but must be exercised with responsibility in order for one to fully enjoy it. So tread carefully. Or your freedom might be taken from you. We wouldn’t want that don’t we?

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