020211 ranting and raving about two pieces of paper

A month has passed since 2011 began. As always in the life of sales, each month is a stressful one. And I mean STRESSFUL! With quotas to meet, resellers to please, papers to accomplish, programs to run and so on and so forth. Told you it was stressful.
Normally the first week of the month is a time to recuperate and get our bearings right again for another month of full throttle of selling. But on Monday, I got a piece of paper that made me rant.
Exhibit 1: Memo – 3 days suspension
Wah! This is the first time that I have ever received a memo because of tardiness! I have accepted the fact that punctuality is one thing that I really need to improve on. This particular memo is for my tardiness for October. This is equivalent of 3 days suspension. In monetary term, I won’t be paid PHP 1800 plus worth of salary<tear> That would be equivalent to a shopping spree for my much needed new shoes and additional office wear plus plus. By I have no complaints because being late is entirely my fault.
Still debating when to serve these suspension days and if I will be reporting in the office to work or just spend the time in getting valid Ids? Will let you know my decision in future entries.
Since there I got this paper that made me rant last Monday, I was already over it before I went home. Well what can i say, i am guilty.
Tuesday passed. Not much happening.
And now, it is Wednesday. Earlier this day, my boss called me to his cubicle and presented to me a piece of paper that made me rave.
Exhibit 2: Promotion
Promotion!! This just rocked my morning. I remember holding this paper and staring at it in disbelief with my mouth wide open. I was brought back to reality by my boss saying, and i quote, ”umupo ka nga at baka mahimatay ka.” (take a seat, you look like you’re going to pass out). Hahahahah! Embarrassing moment much?? Well, that was how clearly shocked I was about this paper. I recall my boss saying something else but wasn’t able to process it. Did I mention that I was in shock?
The shock came from 2 things: 1.) promotion from product specialist to senior product specialist and 2.) my increase.
The new designation does not entail additional work but more of additional expectation from the management.
The increase was really a big shocker! Although I prayed and prayed for an increase and have mentioned this also to my boss, I never thought they’d give me that much. I won’t disclose my former salary but the new one is just not what I expected.
But I promise to myself to SAVE MONEY. It’s a good thing I have a bank account already that has zero balance for quite a while now. If an account corresponds to vault in the bank, mine would have cobwebs and an inch of dust. I hope I can keep that promise.
See how a surprise can come from the most odd things? Mine came from 2 pieces of paper.
I hope you have a surprise of your own too!

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