011911 World Travel Show Host

World Travel Show Host
The best job EVER in the entire world based on my standards would be a host of a travel show!
Whoever would not want to travel to different place at get to experience the culture and sights that each nook and cranny of a travel destination would offer. If, i say IF, by sudden luck, a network would offer me a job as a travel show host, i would definitely say “YES!”. No questions asked. Just a big fat “YES!”
That is how much I LOVE travelling. I’d be willing to leave in an instant despite my love for my job at the moment! I’d be an idiot if i won’t jump at that kind of opportunity.
Who else in the entire world get to go from one place to another experiencing everything a location has to offer: food, night life, alcohol, beaches and oceans, secret rivers/coves etc, and just talks about it in front of a camera trying to explain every emotion felt, flavours tasted, scenery seen and it is all for FREE??!  A WORLD TRAVEL TALK SHOW HOST!
I have always been so jealous of all the hosts of all the shows that I see in TLC’s Fun Asia and National Geographic’s World Travels, which I am currently watching at the moment, simultaneously. And they just get to go everywhere! Watching them relay their experiences on the locations that they are in makes me think of what I would do if I were there with them or much rather, what would I do if I was doing their show.
Ah life.. it just have a way to make one frustrated..
Should I become a travel show host and have the liberty of going to countries that I prefer, I would go to the following locations:
1.       Philippines – Of course I would have to start with my own country. I’d show the world Batanes, Ilocos, Manila, Cebu, Boracay, Palawan, Camiguin, and everywhere else.
2.       Japan – the main purpose for me to visit Japan would be of the Cherry Blossom Tree.. I would just love to see if it’s leaves are really pink and if the effects that Japanese animators do whenever they show a cherry blossom tree wherein the leaves are being gently blown away by the wind..HAHAHA..
3.       China –  the GREAT WALL of CHINA <KAPOW!>  plus the ”bird’s nest”( architectural spectacle), and DUMPLINGS GALLORE!
4.       Greece – Ruins are FIERCE! Plus they have this resort overlooking the Mediterranean Sea where all the buildings are white or white washed. I don’t know what’s the name of that place but that is definitely a place to be
5.       Italy – ROME, VENICE, VATICAN, ciao  bellas! Renaissance and masquerades plus the beautiful people.. GELLATO!! Of course, all roads lead to Rome but there are some connecting roads to Vatican and a river to Venice
6.       India – Taj Mahal, and religious Hindu locations. The food here is one reason to visit too!  It would be amazing to try the life of a transgender here as they are revered and sometimes feared here.
7.       France – PARIS! Paris! <deep breath> Of course the Eiffel Tower!
8.       England – Long live the Queen and Prince Harry too!<wink> The castles and dungeons of London’s past might be a good place to see.. TEA!
9.       Egypt – Great Pyramids and the river Nile and lots and lots of sand and dunes and camels.
10.   Iceland – THE BLUE LAGOON need I say more plus reindeers.. Maybe the real Santa Claus lives here too. I’ll let you know if I find out about it..
11.   Australia –Sydney Opera House, The Great Barrier Reef. KANGAROOS AND KOALAS! Where everybody says “Goodday mate”. The lingo is interesting enough as well as a dingo.
I would like to add more but I might end up listing every country that I know. And it’s a llllooooonnnnggggg list. HAAHAHAHA. I learn about the places to travel to in travel shows and books and the internet. And each time I watch and read about destinations, I couldn’t help but wonder (Carrie Bradshaw moment?!?), when will be my turn?
Not everyone has the luxury of travel. It is sometimes reserved for the rich and famous or of the middle class who took the time and effort to save. I personally have no discipline when it comes to money(read my other blog entries and you’ll know why). But I’m pretty sure the experience I would be priceless.. My chances of travelling to international locations might not materialize now. But I made a vow that i will not travel abroad without travelling the Philippines first. How can I compare the beauty of the Philippines to other countries without knowing what we have to offer.
I already have a passport but am currently using it as a valid id. I hope within the year, I can have stamped and be granted entry to a foreign country.. Singapore perhaps??We’ll see..

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