010811 pizza loner time

what a way to spend the first official weekend of 2011! i am currently at yellow cab near our place in las pinas,,enjoying a 10″ NY classic pizza all by my self, which at this time, i have already consumed! what a gluttonous act indeed..HAHAHAHAHA..

see what i mean??

i would have taken a picture of the entire pizza but it would just look awkward and weird to everybody else here at the piza joint.. “a guy on his own is taking a picture of his food.. what a weirdo?!?!” they would say if they did see me.. so i just sneakily took a picture of me devouring the last remaining piece of my pizza through Bookie’s webcam.. hahaha

i woke up at around 1:00pm(super late right?!?). i woke up late since i came home at around 1:30 am from a meeting with my ambigram friends and fell asleep at around 3:00 am from watching TV!hahahaha.. nocturnal would be the best word to describe it.. hahahahah..i ate my first meal of the day then watched more TV, and more TV, and more TV..couch potato much??!

at around 4:30, i decided to work but wanted to do it outside of our house as i might not reach my “work mode” because of all the distractions. i thought of going our to a nearby starbucks, order chamomille tea, light a smoke, then work but thought.. that would be too expensive! PHP 105 for a venti hot tea that was just hot water and a tea bag.. so i decided to have pizza! when i got to yellow cab i ordered and was shocked to see my bill which ended to be much more expensive..damn my “pagmamayaman”(translation = feeling rich) moments where i just spend money with minimal restraints!

before going to yellow cab, i dropped by a mall to by a sim card for the sun broadband that i borrowed from a friend only to discover while at yellow cab that i can’t fully install the software! grrrrr w/ tear. then i tried to search for free LAN and found out that yellow cab has one.. CRAP! PHP 100 down the drain.. then i remembered that i was in “pagmamayaman” mode so i said, “it didn’t matter”..damn right it didn’t matter now but it will matter by monday..<sigh> alas, the world would make sense again by then.

enjoying a 10″ pizza by yourself might begluttony. but it is a pleasure to be with nobody else but yourself to satiate your thirst for much needed alone time.. <BURP> hahaha


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