10 things to be thankful for before 2010 ends

10 things to be thankful for before 2010 ends

time flies by as in fast! it just goes zoom! as this year is about to end, here are 10 things that i am thankful for:

1. I AM STILL ALIVE – hahaha.. as morbid as i am, i am still thankful to be living and breathing and ALIVE! as the say, life is a gift and it should be cherished. although i am not sure of my health in general, i am still happy that i am still here and just experienced an asthma attack, plus a couple or two episodes of severe cold. the most severe thing would be my allegy attack. am actually suffering from it now. itchy palms and itchy feet! as in major majorly ITCHY! this is because of eating thing that trigger my allergies. number one is chicken skin, fried, grilled, steamed, stewed, you name it. as long as its chicken skin, i’m allergic. as well as various seafood but i’m definite that there is no seafood in take of that.

2. PROMOTION – it crossed my mind to be LBM a.k.a. “Looking for Better Management” by january of 2010 but this totally changed my mind. before 2010 started, i was offered by my boss to be a product specialist! it was really a shocker for me! i wasn’t able to say yes right away and actually asked to be given time to think about it over the weekend as this would be a BIG thing for my career. i thought why me at first? then i said why not me?? i also though that this would be a one step up the corporate ladder. after much deliberation, i decided to go forth and risk! i said YES! and soon after, i was already preparing myself to be a product specialist. i’ll be handling the pricing, marketing and promotions of an exclusively distributed product of our company. i’ll be presenting in our company’s mid-year and year-end business review. i’ll be coordinating with our principals in singapore. it wont’ deny that i was daunting, but as the months go by this year, all became well. stress was there and it had a pretty good way of making its self felt. but i will be officially a product specialist by january 1. haha..

3. BROTHER AND SISTER PLUS FATHER – this had to go next to my promotion. they say the major thing that make you stay in a company are the people you work with. i am happy to say that our group rocks! YEAH! our group consist of 5 at the moment, our boss, mother, kapatid and frend. our boss is way cool! he always have reminders/ teachings for us for our professional and personal lives. mother was one of my boss when i was an AE and she’s my yosi buddy and all around sister, kapatid is one of the AE’s that i worked with before she got promoted and although she handles a competitor brand, she is still a sister. friend is generally the happiest person that i have ever met; so full of energy and positivity! that’s us..

4. GADGETS – i need to be abreast with technology as i am working in the IT industry. i made a decision that i need a laptop and a new mobile phone. i got it! i am now a proud owner of an Asus netbook i named “Bookie” and a hot pink Nokia C3 mobile phone i named “Pinkie”. both of them are really cool.. no wait, major majorly cool! hahahah i’ve paid Pinkie in full already but Bookie i have a lot to pay still until December 2011. alas, i have to sell a lot to get better commissions. it’s either that or they give me a raise or i look for a greener pasture. but i think the greener pasture looks so far away still.. masyadong nakakapagod kung lalakarin.. hahah

5. PARTY NIGHTS – i think i went home well not late but rather too early more than last year.. i think this means i have more money or i have just more guts to go out and party? hehehe.. i think i have to figure that out before going back to bed, library, o bar, and che-lu in malate, jobsite and isla, plus friends homes for drinks. i think i need to lessen the party nights as it takes me about 2 whole days to completely recover from being awake for 24 plus hours and alcohol’s dehydrating effects not mention the hang overs. but i think this is some thing that i enjoy too much to completely let it go. plus the enjoyment and the bonding that alcohol brings is undeniable. hehehe..i’ll be stopping because i know want to drink.

6. BUNDLE OF JOY – my darling niece cielle is growing up so fast! as in really fast! like somebody fed her weight and intelligence capsules. she’s now 1 year and 9 months at the moment and she’ll enter her “terrible two” stage. although i feel she’s already in it. ahahaha.. but it doesn’t matter at all. she’s still our family’s bundle of joy πŸ˜€

7. LOCAL TRAVELS – with the promotion came addtional load of work. i needed to visit provincial resellers too. although m visits to cebu, baguio, dagupan, bicol, cagayan de oro was for business, the mere fact that i was able to travel via air was AMAZING!!! it has always been a dream of mine to ride a plane since superman said it was still the safest way to travel..it was a dream because i was never been able to travel outside of luzon.. i have now.. next goal would be overseas.. hahah




now i know that i said “10” things but unfortunately, i can’t think of 3 more things to add to the list. so i’m gonna leave it at 7 for now..let me know if you think i should add something else to the list.. heheh

2010 has indeed been a good year for me. i believe it is.

they say that the best teacher you’ll ever have is experience. with all the things that happened to me during 2010, i can say that i have grown a person. the laughs, the tears, the pain, the challenges and all that jazz will have hopefully prepared me for 2011..



2 thoughts on “10 things to be thankful for before 2010 ends

  1. Oh! Missed blogging..atleast I got to know more about you here..You as the son for #8 (simply about fam), #9 should be about your 2010 frustrations (super nega though haha!)and # 10….oh my #10 —-> your 2010 LOVELIFE..haha!..this blog rocks! a good read indeed! Happy New Year Ian..thumbs up..Cheers for 2011!Verence πŸ˜‰

  2. nice blog kapatid πŸ™‚ happy to see you expressing your thoughts thru blog…sarap ng feeling right? people will be able to know how you feel at the moment and might get some encouragements from your stories….keep it up, may ituturo ako syo how your post will be published sa facebook :-)HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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