122610 tagaytay cool air with most coolest people EVER!

fogive me for mis-using my superlatives..but there is no word to best describe it. it’s like venus raj’s “major major” moment during this year’s ms. universe pagent.

as some of you may know from a previous blog, i was part of the student council of our college in my “hail, hail, alma mater” DLSU-D from 05-06 to 06-07. still i will say that these were some of the best days of my life. as our dear adviser for to years said in my status last saturday, we always have two gatherings every year. a mid-year and a december get together for 3 consecutive years now (congrats guys!)

since we gather twice a year, it is sometimes difficult to coordinate with everyone as all of us are now working professionals(naks!). scheduling is always a challenge! of course since we are already gathering, we need to be quorum always! of course, the more the merrier!

as the hermana mayor (a person in charge of coordinating with everyone as well as the activities that will happen on that day), we decided to have the get together at a special place! TAGAYTAY CITY, the Baguio City of the South. Weather here is coolest during the holiday season. this has been a get a way location for us during our college days. it has been a long while since i’ve been to tagaytay. and to be honest, i have still yet to visit all the restos and tourists attractions here in my 4 years of my college life. i might just have been a good college student and not wander much <wink wink>. given that, i am definitely not aware of all the good spots to go to and since majority of our group are from cavite, i asked them the best spots to go to..heheh..we settled on lunch and coffee at Bag of Beans, a local restaurant and coffee place then we will be racing our adrenalin by doing zip line at picnic groove or at the tagaytay zoo. everything was set! we were to meet at robinson’s dasma @ 10:30 am and be at coffee bean before 12:00nn, leave there at around 3 pm to do zipline then we’ll work on what to do next after the zipline.

two from our group, myself included, are from the clean and green city of las piñas. we had a long way to go to get to dasmariñas and longer still to get to tagaytay. so we were already traveling by 9:30 am. we took a jeepney then stood in the bus for about 20 to 30 minutes before there were available seats for us to take. of course we took advantage of that travel period to much awaited talk about what has happened to us the past year plus plus. we arrived at our rendezvous pointe, robinson dasma at around 11:00 i guess. yes we were late! hahaha but it didn’t matter as we saw our friends after a long long while..we waited for a few minutes more for other people to arrive. some of our friends will be going directly to the bag of beans as it would be more faster for them to go directly. our group of 8 were on a bus to tagaytay by 11:45 i think good thing the bus wasn’t ful.l we have the bus for our selves actually. we were all at the back of the bus and i’m sure you can imagine how noisy we were! we were laughing out loud and joking around like there were no other passengers..just like the good old times when we travel.. there was just a kill buzz.. TRAFFIC! we were confronted by a major traffic jam up our way. our bus took a short cut to evade the traffic but as any traffic is, if it is jammed, it is JAMMED! a kill buzz right?? hopes were still high as we still had something to joke about as we have asked the bus driver and conductor to switch the channels from one network to another but consistently ignored. but as hunger kicks in, we needed a plan b and get to a restaurant fast plus coordinate with others. our group decided to just have lunch at hawaian bbq as this was the nearest restaurant. like some of the restaurants in that location, hawaian bbq has a tandem with the botique to serve as a bed and breakfast for travelers and tourist. the entire place has a nice view of the taal volcano and if you look at the rooms an amazing view of people who might me in the showers! hahaha.. am not kidding though..you can see everything <wink>

we started to eat while waiting for the others. food was great although service was a bit slow. other than that, it was just a great lunch with people..our peeps started arriving and we ended with a grand total of 14 people! yes a whopping 14 people, maja karla ricky mack joey xy arnie jeff mahal melow ryan aaron russel and myself.. hahah believe me we were still not complete. we were still lacking 3 people who had other commitments for the day. we enjoyed lunch and a whole lot of laughs and left the resto at around 3:00pm after settling a 7k worth of lunch courtesy of xy (thanks thanks!). coffee was next on the itinerary.

since we were a big group, transportation was a bit of a problem. but our group can adjust. 2 of us have cars which can transport 10 people and have 4 take the bus. there was still traffic and i mean traffic! good thing the weather was still cool. after about a 20 to 30 minute travel (normally it should have been about 5 to 10 minutes) we were again complete this time at bag of beans. the smell of freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked bread with cinnamon within a great garden with soothing music..ah, the best place to continue our fun filled day. we, as usual, ate again, desserts this time. blue berry cheese cake, strarberry cheese cakes, shepherds pie, blueberrry pancakes and more..sounds delish’ right? wait until you taste it! it’s like having a cooking master boy moment! i don’t know how to descibe it.. hmm..it’s like having an orgasmic moment in your mouth..i’ll leave you to your imagination.. hehehe. since i wasn’t a coffee drinker, i ordered camomile tea with a plate of blue berry pan cakes! ah bliss!! and sharing it with your friends, it was even better.. with longer stories the time passed by quickly add picture takings which we all love, the sun set down on us.. bringing in more cold to my pleasure.. hehe.. it’s not every day that i get to experience the clean natural cool air from the mountains..

the same as any normal group of youngsters and as it has been tradition, we need to go belt our lungs out in VIDEOKE! oh yes! we were down to 13 at this time.. we were down one car since aaron had to leave for another get together<tear>.. we needed to find a mode of transportation for 9 people as 3 girls were travelling with melow. since it was already dark, a bus was hard to come by the road that we were waiting on..our saviour were tricycles! they were the taxis of the city although more expensive since the videoke place was so far from bag of beans. i took the back ride. and boy i was cold! standing still was already cold but moving in a open air vehicle it was freezing..i still liked it though..and it was a good moment to smoke!hahaha(caution: never smoke in a public utility vehicle in metro manila! its prohibited.. i know, i was taken in the police precint before..)

by the time we got to bali seafoods paluto for videoke, we were down to 12 as ryan needed to leave..we settled in room b3 energy was still high! plus there was alcohol! yey! britney spears, beyonce, lady gaga, backstreet boys, n’sync, journey, 6 cycle mind, callalily songs plus more were all sung but the creme dela creme was chris brown’s forever. while some one was singing, we all stood up and danced like were in our own private club. the highlight of the night, was ricky’s performance! haha.. (for more details, please ask ricky na lang.. heheh). of course, maja’s gifts for us was always a treat(i got a white watch! thanks maja<hugs>)fatigue set in and we decided to call it a night. we stood quite while still taking pictures outside bali, and continued to chat..

melow had to pick up her sister before heading home so we were down to 11. we decided to wait for a jeepney to ride but it took so long.. normally, the last bus from tagaytay to manila leaves at 9:00pm. so we just waited for a jeep.. and we waited for a jeep.. and waited still until joey came up with an idea to ride tricycles again to rotonda. it took 4 tricycles to take us there. a jeep was convinced to head to zapote since we were so many and we were off.. from 11 we became 7 after robinson dasma, 5 after salitran, 4 after pason santol, 2 until zapote. me and mahal.

when i got home, i still had the energy to open my FB account and changed my status about how i enjoyed my day plus the wee hours of the morning with my cbasc family.. then i recalled karla or jeff after our lunch, she/he said “parang dati, ang gimmik natin is sa isawan sa harap ng lasalle..nag level-up na tayo”. indeed we had moved up a level. well maybe two..hahaha..from the young men and women that we were in college, we were now contributing young professionals making our marks in our individual careers. and yet we were still the same people that i recall. a bit bigger in terms of body mass, yes, but also more wiser and mature with age. before when we got together we just looked back and recalled out cbasc days, now we talked about current events plus latest showbiz happenings. we really did mature but we all stayed the same.. just the way that i like it..heheh

i recalled creating a story after the end of our term about a princess badly missing her friends: the funny jester, the handsome prince, the fairy god mother, the beautiful muse, the famous dancer, the knight in training, the sorceror’s apprentice, the gentle giantess and another character i can’t seem to recall(if you guys remember, let me know ok?)..it was cute, yes. but it was fantasy. let’s put it in the archives.. and let us start new stories this time starring us.

life was good then, it still is today and will be tomorrow.

i’m deeply happy to have spent my 12/26 with you guys..and look forward to meet you again perhaps in singapore?? hahahah


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