darren criss in greenbelt park

darren criss in greenbelt park

“ah, darren criss, what a dream boat…hahahaha”, said the girl that was standing next to during darren criss’ at greenbelt park just a few hours ago.. she wasn’t wrong..a dream boat he really is..

we all know him as blaine from the hit tv series, glee and if you happen to know a very potter musical, as harry potter.. i saw him in glee first then stumbled upon the musical after doing a little bit of research.. did i mention he was a dream boat already?? hahahaha

he is a short guy, probably because of his filipino genes but his talent is is undeniable as well as his musicality.

he sang about 7 songs including his cover of part of your world from disney’s a little mermaid, have yourself a merry little chirstmas, 2 songs from a very potter musical, and some other songs that i can’t hear much because of two loud boys discussing about basketball <blah!insensitive much??>. a good keyboardist and superb guitarist also..plus he’s a dream boat(hahahaha, i just can not not say it!)

his encore was his first ever song in glee, teenage dream by katy perry. when he started singing, you could see all the mobile phones, digicams and SLR cams hit record button as everyone started to sing a long.. i too took a video of his performane but it sems my mobile phone’s video recording function is not working properly. when i played it back, you can also hear the dulcet voice of the ghost from jun-ong (the grudge).. hahahaha.. but seriously it was a bad recording <tear>

there was also a free meet and greet photo op with him but i decided not to fall in line ’cause i was so hungry! hehehe, plus there was a long queue minutes after the show.

since i wasn’t able to meet him i would say this “darren, if by chance you are reading this, please do come back to the philippine and i’ll prepare all the lumpia that you can ever eat!”


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