friday and saturday alcohol bliss

friday and saturday alcohol bliss
believe it or not, it has been a while since i last a drink with alcohol content. yes, i know it is near impossible for a self confessed alcoholic to say it but i have been sober for the last 4 or 5 months since the immense pressure of work beat its toll down on me.
and at long last, the dry spell of alcohol drought ended this friday night.
we celebrated our company’s christmas party last friday! since we didn’t have one last year, this was a much awaited event for all the employees as always. this has also happens to be time that our top management announce out bonuses hehehe.. our theme for this year was WSI Got Talent after a popular show abroad. Same a with the show we needed to showcase our talents in the dancing and singing competitions. being not much of a singer, i joined up with other employees and decided to bust a move. and we did! although we came in second, it really didn’t matter. because the bonds of new friendship and camaraderie are unbreakable.. hehe
you might be asking where is the alcohol in the story..
well, after having dinner, i was some of my officemates asking for beer from the servers. i asked for one too, of course! and low and behold, the server thursted one bottle of iced cold San Miguel Beer Lights (it is said that it is suppose to have lesser calorie content, yeah right<wink><wink>). as mentioned earlier is have been around 4 or 5 months since my last alcohol drink. just imagine what i felt like for me to hold one ice cold bottle of beer in your hand after a long while! and i took a swig at it….it was like, hmmmm<thinking> , like eating a juicy double patty cheese burger after a long hard days work.. or like your first inhilation of nicotine from a cigarette after a long meeting.. AH BLISS!! i must have drank half of the bottle in one swig. hahahah.
as the party went along, the beer kept coming, the beer kept coming, and boy did they keep coming..i downed about 4 bottles in an hour i think..
it was previously arranged with our team that we will visit a comedy bar after the party. so we headed for the LIbrary at Malate Manila, an amazing comedy bar, with genuis stand up comedians/ comediannes! of course we still ordered beer.AH BLISS! laughing out loud because of the comedy while drinking beer. a lot of you might not know it, but i always would like to take to the stage when ever i can. Yes, there is a star within me that wants to perform! we were debating if we will have one of us sing on stage with the performers. i would have loved to sing, but chickened out because i was  not in mint condition (excuses from avoiding being scrutinized by the perfomrers, hehehe) i do know how to sing but i am not a great singer..hehehe. i just took another swig from my beer bottle, my 8th i think.
when we left the Library, it was already Saturday. time indeed seems to move faster when you are enjoying yourselves in the company of great performers. some of our groupmates needed to leave already, but some of us were still hoping for more! after making sure that the ones leaving were safely in the cabs, we made a bee line to the nearest bar. (malate also houses some of the best bars around metro manila for all shapes and sizes)
and in the dark, crowded, smoky room, we danced the morning away! i think i danced with 3 party goers whom i remember asking their names and had a conversation with. by the way, we were still drinking beer while dancing. holding on to the bottle tightly as it just might fly away when we get carried away dancing heheheh..i must have 2 or 3 more bottles while dancing. they say that dancing while drinking is ok as you can sweat out the alcohol previously taken. NOT TRUE! the combination of a dark room, smoky air, loud music and dancing bodies plus alcohol, might be too much handle for one person..when i felt really thirsty, that was when i knew i needed to go call it a night (more like a morning!) so we all gathered said our goodbyes and waiting for our cabs and finally went our seperate ways. i arrived home at 4:00 am, just as when my mother and my auntie got up to do morning chores. i still have a little chat with them, went to my room, changed, laid in bed and the POOF i was asleep..
woke up the following day at 1:00 pm! completely rested, i was again preparing for a night out this time with my college block mates. i was slow to move and ended late for our call time of 5pm, i got there at 6:45 pm i think. hehehehe. we were meeting up last saturday for our reunion as well as a welcome back party for one of our friend who just got back from abroad. we had dinner at aling tonya’s first. we were almost complete. yup, almost. as some of us weren’t able to come. after dinner we went to pier one. we preferred it since we were there to catch up with the happenings. if i remember correctly, i had 4 bottles during the talk. Twas really nice to catch up with my college block mates. i remember were during our college days where we were imagining ourselves as successfull business men and women, and we were phoning every one up to grab coffee or more appropriately, grab a beer. and now we are doing it already..
oh how time flies by! one day you might be partying and drinking like there is no tomorrow and then you are back to work again..
ALAS, reality strikes back yet again..

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