cbasc 2010 christmas party

cbasc 2010 christmas party

it has been 3 year since i last set foot in a small retangular office located in a old bungalow/ building. this particular office has a brown door that opens into a sala/ meeting place with rattan furniture set (one sofa, two armchair[am not sure if that is what it’s really called], a small coffee table with a green vase) that has a big cork board that was converted into a calendar hanged above it. across it hangs a large white board with notes from the discussion from the last meeting. the next room holds a make-shift (hmmm..what to call it) “pigeon hole” made out of plastic folders pinned or taped to the walls to hold, documents that needed processing, project proposals, etc. etc. these are labeled by the way, all nine “pigeon holes”. there’s a desk also next to the computer table with a decent desktop and a scanner that was never used and a printer that was newly bought. next to the computer table was the green filing cabinet that was a hand me down fromt the previous owners. above, tightly fixed to the upper parts of the wall, were glass cabinets where we stored bibles and books in marketing, finance, quantitative techniques, and the philippine constitution plus many many many more.

sounds like a small crampped space right? but it was a place that i called “home” for my last year of service as a student council officer. the reason i called it “home” is because of 9 people plus 3 others who has a bigger office after the basketball courtn after the building which houses our office. cheesy but true.. and i am not ashamed to say it..

YES! it has been a year that i can never forget in my life.. the lessons, the meetings, the plannings, the laughs, the gimmiks, the open-sharing, the dramas (yes there were!) and all that jazz! it was my life. i lived it. i breathed it. i swallowed it.

unfortunately, before that year ends, we needed to vacate that office as it was the end of our term. not to mention, the bungalow/building was to be demolished. yes demolished to make way for a new building. i actually was teary eyed when i saw it all torn down.

but then i said to myself, it didn’t matter.. because all that happened in that small office will be with me in my memories. and that the bonds of friendship. no not friendship. let me re-phrase that: and that the bonds of family is way stronger than any building.

and low and behold, that bonds of family still stands until today! 3 years strong baby!

to these 9 plus 3 people, you know who you are. i would like to see you guys again for this year! this might be sort of short notice but i know you can make time.

will be in touch with you guys soon!


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