pgmamayaman day 1 and 2(the story of spending beyond my means)

pgmamayaman day 1 and 2(the story of spending beyond my means)

day 1
since i always wanted to have a laptop, i asked my mama and papa if i can purchase a laptop using their credit cards. unfortunately, they said no<tear>. and so i deviced a plan in order to raise enough funds to allow me to purchase. i decided to loan from a bank. our company actually offers loans tied up with a bank and the monthly payment would just be deducted from my salary.. sounds great db? but since my mother was a former tellet from a rural bank in their province, she said that the interest rates was smaller and that i can have the money within the same day.. i though about it for a while and decided to go to our province(the lovely municipality of Cuyapo Nueva Ecija) and loan from their rural bank. true enough, i did get the money that i loaned in one day! i had in my hands that day, 22k! 2nd largest amount of money that i has the pleasure of counting! i felt so MAYAMAN at that time.. hehehe

purchasing the laptop was the next step.. i needed to time my purchase on a day/ period that IT resellers would surprisingly and crazily drop their selling prices (i tell you this happens roughly twice a year! you just have to time it well) and it hit me! we will be participating in a 4 day selling event where resellers sell at a discount. I waited til december 2 and finally got BOOKIE, my new Asus netbook. having Bookie for the past 3 days was a blast! never a boring day with him(yes!, i can feel that Bookie is a boy!). i can tell that we are going to have more great times together!

day 2(yes, there is also a day 2:wag umarte!blog ko to!?hehehe)
this just happened earlier this day(december 4)!

part of my plan when i loaned the money is to buy a new mobile phone as the one that i am using is somehow defective na din. here are the reason why i classify it as defective:
1. i have dropped it approximately more than 10 times already. last one, took me about 30 minutes to find some of the pieces that ricochetted off the floor. i didn’t find one price though, and i believe it passed away.<moment of silence for the missing piece>
2. because i have dropped it several times already, when ever i open it i would take about 5 minutes before ihe phone completely opens! in computer terms, it still runs in pentium one <tear>
3. as mentioned above i was not able to find one piece <moment of silence> <sniff>(emotional??). this was a decorative piece that made the phone more stylish.. AND WITH THAT, it is simply not stylish enough for me (ME GANUN?!?(channeling MR. POOH)).. hahahahahahahah! what a vain person I am!

having enumerated that, want to know what model of mobile phone I bought???

do you really?

weh di nga?

its nokia’s C3 model!

but wait there’s more….

the color of the phone is HOT PINK <snap with matching head movements from side to side>!!

It just spoke to me so i got it! Plus, it’s on SALE! hahaha! got it for 4990 only. payment was made through an office mate that has a credit card!

i know these purchases would bite my butt hard as i have to pay for the 1st payment of the loan i made plus i have to pay my kind office mate a total of PHP 4990 by next week<tear>

so i am saying this now to my thirteenth month pay = “DEAR THIRTEENth MONTH PAY, HINDI KA MAN LANG IINIT SA PALAD KO..SEE YOU NEXT YEAR NA LANG” <TEAR>



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