quiti2xspeaks now

i have always wanted to be a blogger. it has been a long ambition of mine to do this not only to express myself but also better my writing skills as it has been a long while since i last wrote some thing of a literary piece. so forgive me if i am a little rusting on my grammar and syntax.

a big component for this dream realization is the new netbook that i purchased last thrusday! YEY! i have now something to call “fruits of my labor”! though it is not completely mine yet as i have an agreement to relinquish my rights to BOOKIE(the name i gave to my netbook) once i fail to pay the loan i made through my mother. once i fail to pay, they will have full rights to Bookie. THIS MUST NEVER HAPPEN as i have yet to get ROI (return of investment) from purchasing this.

with my blogging device and internet connection courtesy of SmartBRO, I AM READY TO GO!

wondering why I named my blog quiti2xspeaks? i have been called quiti (from my surname) from my elementary days until highschool day in my HS almamater (St. Andrew’s School Pque) and i have taken a liking for this name. speaks because this blog would be my outlet to express myself.

i hope you all enjoy!


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